Without spoilers, how difficult is the DLC?

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  3. Without spoilers, how difficult is the DLC?

User Info: CrimsonJudgment

4 years ago#11
i had some trouble with the bosses on ng+ particularly the last two just equip the dark wood grain ring and you should be fine if you're a mage like i was then get the bellowing dragoncrest ring and the crown of dusk with a logans catalyst and tcc get alot of soul spear shoot the first shot with logans fire the rest with tcc then switch back to logans and fire the extra shot and it should be smooth sailing

User Info: Boney00

4 years ago#12
CaptainLuka posted...
The bosses are all a good challenge. They're very aggressive and can take you to nothing in no time flat if you screw up. There are a couple enemies who can absolutely destroy you and one section of the DLC in particular is very dangerous to traverse.

I hope you don't consider any of that a spoiler. Tried my hardest to be detailed without spoiling anything.

That's exactly the kind of response I asked to receive. I don't consider what you wrote to be a spoiler at all.
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  3. Without spoilers, how difficult is the DLC?

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