can't beat chaos vitch quelaag

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User Info: ahreloco

4 years ago#1
i'm stuck at bligotown and my wepon doesn't seem to do mach dumuge to her. at this rate, i'll have to hit her about 20 tiems to kill her and i cant because of an explosion that drains my blocking stamina and one shots me

i'm using a +1 club

User Info: turtle225

4 years ago#2
you could try summoning someone?

You could also try fighting her over and over again. If you only attack while she is spitting lava then you are safe. With time, you will learn the tells of that rediculous explosion and be prepared to dodge it.

User Info: Alltra

4 years ago#3
First, her explosion attack has a rather obvious tell. If you keep your eyes open and watch, you can see it easily and get out of the way.

Second, if you have any Gold Pine Resin, use it on your club to give it Lightning, and you'll deal WAY more damage to her. You should have a supply of them by now, but if you don't, you can buy them from Domnhall in the Depths, who is located near the door to Blighttown. Either that, or on the bottom section of Firelink Shrine if he's moved already. He's near where the Rare Ring of Sacrifice is on the aqueduct leading into Undead Burg.

Finally, you can summon an NPC Phantom for aid called Maneater Mildred, whose sign is right in front of the Fog Gate to the boss.
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User Info: ahreloco

4 years ago#4
i summoned the fat npc that is right before the boss, but it just keeps running towards the lava pools and dying.

and i thought that maybe i could kill her with parries. she uses a sword atak but i cant get the timing and she kills me with her sword. and i also tried to blackstab her when she is spiting lava but something went wrong and the blackstab the animation didnt triger

User Info: turtle225

4 years ago#5
im pretty sure that you cannot backstab or parry quelagg. She is far to big.

Have you tried it without mildred? Her attacks are pretty easy to dodge and you have plenty of time to get some hits in during her lava spitting attack so you don't necesarrily need someone else drawing aggro. If you fight her alone she will have less health.

User Info: dudiz

4 years ago#6
I found Queelag pretty simple playing solo, I found staying directly in front of her the best method, and rolling sideways 90 degrees around her as she is about to attack. If one end of the arena is covered in lava, simply sprint to the other end until the lava disappears.
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User Info: Detsuaxhe

4 years ago#7
Just start out running in so she doesn't jump attack you, stay nestled in her (hers, not yours) right shoulder, and move out of the way when she prepares an AoE. If you take the time to really study her moves, it shouldn't require 20 tries to kill her. Also, try waiting for a human summon sign near the boss fog, and summon that person. It will make the fight much easier than Mildred.
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User Info: Excle93

4 years ago#8
What SL are you I might be able to help

User Info: jackstar_rock

4 years ago#9
I beat her using a winged spear + the Dragon Crest Shield solo. But I had to get up close anyway so a club +1 should work too, just takes more swings I guess. Couple of pointers:

- can you backtrack to Valley of Drakes and do a suicide run for the shield? Her attacks are physical and fire based, so if you have a strong fire shield that is going to work wonders.


- as everyone said, you can stick close to her (roll towards her) and stay under her chest area where her sword swings will completely miss you. The only thing to watch out for is she has an AoE fire move that is best blocked. If you turn your back to her and she does this, odds are it will OHKO a low level character, or take off 90% of your life.

- when she spits fire, stick to her side and continue to poke her, but time your R1s. Go for 2~3 hits at most and back off, letting your stamina regenerate so you can block her AoE fire blast if she uses it.

- gotta repeat the point made earlier that the larva on the ground dries up after a while. The area where this fight takes place is huge, so feel free to run to the other end of the room for some breathing space if there is too much larva concentrated at one area.

User Info: Dealer-of-Doom

4 years ago#10
Why do you only have a +1 weapon in blighttown?

Quelaag is still possible. Just learn her moves.

It's dangerous to attack from behind cause of her toxic farts.

It's easier to attack head on but the right or left of the spider head.... Her sword swings miss you most of the time there.

If she starts leaning down with her human upper body she is going for a nuke so back roll out of there. Watch out for her spider legs... You can get tangled in them and they can icky your escape.

If she spits lava rush her from the side and get back towards that side front area and hack away.

Gold pine resin increases damage a lot.

Afterwards get back to Andre and get your weapon to +5 or 6 or more.
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