SL1 Run Complete!

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User Info: HolyGrave

4 years ago#11
ZenonDMA posted...
Prove it is your picture. Anyone can say "oh I did SL 1 run, here is totally a picture I did myself to prove you"

Also anyone can recreate that picture without having done a SL 1 run.

If you are trolling, you are a bad troll.
If you aren't a troll, please, please leave.
Alyn shir is hot.

User Info: seyyjJ

4 years ago#12
Nice man!

I still have to finish mine on PC.. Thinking about to start it over again on PS3

User Info: Gixen

4 years ago#13
Good work!
Now on to the real challenge: 4 kings in NG+ at SL1
I just HATE them!

User Info: Devioyz

4 years ago#14
Is it just me? But i think sl3 sorcerer is much more of a challenge. You can only rock a heater shield and allways need to 2 hand the reinforced club. The dlc bosses just plow through your shield and 8 endurence and 8 vitality. But than again grass shield on your back and 2 handing the club is all you need vs 4 kings and all the non bosses you just blast away. Also hidden body vs anal londo archers is boss!
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