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User Info: huki4101

4 years ago#1
So I did my first invasions today at Demon Ruins (before Firesage). SL83 I think, Low poise Gravelord Sword - DWGR.

Only guy I managed to invade had 2 other phantoms with him.. one with pursuers, one just meleeing. Host himself was a Grass Crest Shield turtle (how does that even work? He did not stop blocking or drinking flasks).

First round, I almost had the host by himself, then he managed to summon his friends and they ganked me.

Next invasion, the three of them were chilling by the bonfire, and I beckoned them from the perch by the Capras. After a gesture war, they finally started coming over. Host stays on the stairs before the demons, and sends one phantom up to duel, but heals the ****er every time I do damage. I gather like 3 Capra demons and *attempt* to go to town on host and butt buddies, but bigass mage guy kills my minions and I get ganked again.

Next invasion, I spawned in next to them (looked like they were circle jerking tbh), and did a running jump to the stairs to my right, sprinting my ass down all the way to the Taurus demon before the boss fog. I manage to get them to follow me and aggro the Taurus (although it took forever; they were trying to peg me with arrows from the top of the massive staircase).

So picture this scene: me and Taurus, charging up the stairs, oversized weapons in hand. So epic, till Taurus choked and left me alone to fight the ****ers. Suffice to say, I got ganked.

Final invasion, I got the same moron and his twin husbands. At this point, I had no minions left to recruit to my cause, so I stood atop the platform I spawned on and spammed the shrug gesture. Guys take out their bows and arrers and try pegging me again. I separation crystal out cause **** dat.

Is this how all invasions go!??
I'm like, six damn strings never sounded so appealing.
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