C/D:NG+ naked run=modern day Ghost n' Goblins

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User Info: plasma_kirby123

4 years ago#1
Careful now, that sounds an awful lot like common sense.- ukmarts
But I don't have any moronic moves in my arsenal-staticnova

User Info: Deified_Data

4 years ago#2
Not nearly G&G tier.

User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#3
I never played that game but as I understand it, you can take two hits...one removes your armor and the other kills you. Is that right?

From what I've seen, the old school gameplay is also a lot harder than Dark Souls as it can still catch you out even if you know what to expect.
Why? Because **** you is why.

User Info: Auron_Masamune

4 years ago#4
If you add no upgraded weapons, no healing, no bonfire resting (except for the first time at firelink) I would agree with you.
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User Info: TheSilentMirage

4 years ago#5

User Info: ZoosIVXX

4 years ago#6
A Real Man's Run:
SL1 Deprived Naked run no magic, miracles, bows or arrows, fists only, no leveling, no kindling, no upgrading whatsoever.
For an even crazier version, no lighting bonfires
"Widdly scuds"

User Info: Shadow286

4 years ago#7
I think I'm gonna go grab a silver knight's spear and run down into the Catacombs wearing only the knight's helmet.

User Info: replicax77

4 years ago#8
No, the modern day Ghosts N Goblins is called Ultimate Ghosts N Goblins on the PSP.
I'm casual.
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