Just took out smough and ornstein - where next?

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User Info: IAmTheEvilYoshi

4 years ago#1
From memory i've killed Taurus demon, Capra demon, Bell tower Gargoyles, The butterfly, dark basin hydra, Gaping Dragon, Quelaag, iron golum and S+O. (may have missed a couple on that list)

Where's best to go next i've noticed it's opened up a bit, the fire area past Quelaag seemed tough so i left that for now, just wanted some advice for best place to get gear progression before carrying on.

Also as i'm a newbie, is it worth re-inforcing my longsword to lightening or not? I've gone down a strength build, will it make a enough of a difference to the damage output?

User Info: Gixen

4 years ago#2
It´s never worth re-inforcing a Longsword....
Your stats?

As for gear, if you dont mind mid-rolling, get the Giant Armor from the giant blacksmith. Best armor in the game...

User Info: Detsuaxhe

4 years ago#3
If you have the Lordvessel, you can go kill any of the next bosses you like. You can choose between the Tomb of the Giants, past the Catacombs, the Duke's Archives, past the beginning of Anor Londo, Lost Izalith, past the Demon Ruins, and New Londo, below Firelink Shrine. There is no real order, as this is the endgame.

You'll also need to kill Sif in the forest, eventually.
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User Info: gaztop77

4 years ago#4
You will need to kill Sif before going to new londo ruins as you need the ring he drops to not die when you drop in to the abyss.

id say new londo ruins is a good way to go as its a pretty easy area prioviding you use the transient curses and the 4 Kings boss is probably the easiest of those remaining too.

Make sure you pick up the very large ember when you are there which will allow you to forge your weapon up to +15.

User Info: StolzPhoenix

4 years ago#5
^four kings is probably the hardest of the final four bosses lol.

Not that he ever gave me a particularily hard time, but nito, BoC, and seeth the scaleless are all very easy. Unless you get cursed on seeth I guess, but even then...

User Info: Chao_Yun

4 years ago#6
Check the walkthrus? I pretty much followed Haarlem's like B follows A.
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User Info: haarlem1982

4 years ago#7
Chao_Yun posted...
Check the walkthrus? I pretty much followed Haarlem's like B follows A.

You need people like me so you can point your f***ing fingers, and say: that's the bad guy.
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User Info: d3dsight

4 years ago#8
Yeah, I'd say the Four Kings are the hardest of all the lord souls bosses. Depending on your build, they could very well be the hardest boss in the entire game.

User Info: ArcDerek

4 years ago#9
I recommend:
1. Kill Sif in the forest (either buy the key to the glade from Andre for 20 000 souls climb up the back way where you fought the Hydra). You should also find a blacksmith ember in this area.
2. Head down beneath where you fought Quelaag to finish off the next boss and grab the armour from the altar there (excellent fire resist). You actually don’t have to fight any enemies here; there is really only the boss if you leave the maggot crawlers alone.
3. Make a divine weapon (preferably a blunt weapon like a mace as skeles are weak to them) and head down into the catacombs. Clear out the boss.
4. If you haven’t yet taken the Crow back to the Undead Asylum, go back and do so now. Grab an item from the cell where you start the game (beware, a black knight guards your vacant cell). You can use it to traverse to the Painted World in Anor Londo. This area can be tough but keep in mind that if you do not attack the boss, you can return to Anor Londo rather than fight. You could come back later to finish if you have trouble. There is an ember in the Painted World you can grab as well.

From there, you’ll have opened up the final areas of the game and can proceed in any order you wish.
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