Know what Dark Souls 2 needs?

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User Info: PHoToS999

4 years ago#21
I kinda get what you're saying, tc.
Personally, I think that the movesets should be more varied. Having three or more weapons with the exact same moveset is just silly and reduces it to asthetics and numbers.

Like the club, reinforced club, mace, and the morning star: same moveset. GSycthe and LHScythe: same moveset. Galberd, Halberd, Giant Halberd, Scythe: Same moveset. Longsword, shortsword, broken sword, sword hilt, barbed, balder swag, sunlight, astora: (other than a single thrust attack) same moveset.
There should be something different between each weapon, so that there's a real reason to use each in their own way.
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User Info: ZoosIVXX

4 years ago#22
AIreadylnUse posted...

Please never become involved in making a game. Please.

Why do you have to make feel like a ****

User Info: blacksniper

4 years ago#23
What it actually needs is a system in place that actually takes into account stats of characters when paring them for invasions. There is no way two players with the same skill level can honestly compete when one player has a +15 weapon and +10 armor while the other is rocking starter gear.

Easy way to do it would be rate items with a threat level stat or something. Smith a weapon the stat raises and you get bumped up a tier in the invasion list, acquire a spell and your character threat level raises. So on and so forth.

Once a system like that is in place turn on invasions provided there is a net connection on at all since fights would be a hell of a lot more fair.
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