What is it about spears that pisses off people so much?

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  3. What is it about spears that pisses off people so much?

User Info: SonyNintendoFan

4 years ago#1
They sure get me alot of hate mail...

User Info: dozingdevil

4 years ago#2
Not sure if srs.
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User Info: Deified_Data

4 years ago#3
Everything pisses everyone off. If I beat someone with the Drake Sword they'd call it cheap.

User Info: lucky_sharm19

4 years ago#4
Poke + DWGR = immortality
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User Info: R1masher

4 years ago#5
I donut uncle Sam hat male
(message deleted)

User Info: Parsl5k

4 years ago#7
Absurd reach, relatively fast, good poke damage.

Apparently, the Japanese dueling playerbase has similar feelings about long spears.

User Info: Cvdf3

4 years ago#8
Are you backstabbing them? Those are unavoidable and cheap!

But really, Spears allow you to basically poke all day long without getting hit yourself. Like a short range bow without the draw time. Not unbeatable but they certainly require more effort.
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User Info: Mr_Bankercat

4 years ago#9
Look, if people don't want me to thrust my long, hard spear into them, maybe they shouldn't provoke it.

User Info: TheIronGubGub

4 years ago#10
I have a spear based build. He's pretty good I guess because I win with him in PvP a lot, but it's just not fun, so I don't use him anymore, except for co-op occasionally. I mean just poking people down without them being able to reach me is just boring. Every fight is the same.
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  3. What is it about spears that pisses off people so much?

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