Finaly Beat this Dark Game and I have to say Spoilers

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User Info: RedEyeDeath331

4 years ago#1
What an awesome gaming experience. I have been playing offline cause my internet just isn't worth trying to game with. Will be upgrading soon :) Gonna list off some of my favorite moments. If anyone wants to share go ahead. Put in about 80 hrs, and finished up at SL113. Have had the game for about a year. No im not very good at this game but I did get better. Can't wait to get into the PvP community. Looked at very few hints. Mostly looked up info on Stats, I put 10 points in RES and thought that was good.

In no particular order my favorite moments: (although there are more that this I won't list them all)

1) The Red Dragon encounter #2, can't say I was expecting that after the boss fight.
2) The hydra in Darkroot Basin, first time I saw it I was like "hmm..whats that?" *Moves Closer* "Whats that light?" "Oh god, its a hydra!"
3) Growing a pair and doing battle with the hydra
4) The crystal caves and the last crusade style leap of faith & the Immenent Drop Message part. Figuring that out felt good.
5) Getting out of Ash Lake & The great hollow (not cursed)
6)Killing Gwyn I actually tried to fight him with melee combat and just got the crap beaten out of me. Easily killed me at least 20 times.
7) NG+ Dealing over 2K points of damage to the Taurus Demon with my Lightning Zweihander plunging attack. (revenge is a dish best served cold. or with 20 lbs of steel, gravity and lightning)
8) Knowing that I didn't find everything and that I still have more to discover.
9) there is a sequel coming

Favorite NPC story was Solaire and Lautrec. Did he loose his mind when he put that bug on his head? Was it the constant search for a sun that wasn't there make him crack? Or did he just go hollow and try to kill me? Lautrec u just a sinister undead aint ya. No wonder someone locked you up.

My favorite weapon or most used weapon seemed to be the Occult Halberd +4. Claymore, Longsword. Used a mix of STR, FTH and pyromancy (so nice of them to put pyromancy in this game)

Great game, may be the best RPG iv'e ever played. I like the stories that leave the game open to interpretation. This to me was my favorite part of this game as a whole. No holding your hand, no anime, just a solid fun game. I also played and beat Demon Souls on a friends PS3 but I have enjoyed Dark Souls so much more.

User Info: SteamyPunk

4 years ago#2

Can you believe some people die a few times, whine that the game is cheap/impossible and then quit...? Such a waste.

User Info: zero887

4 years ago#3

You can save Solaire, I always due because its too depressing to see him go crazy (plus I like skipping most of lost izalith...)

User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#4
RedEyeDeath331 posted...
Revenge is a dish best served cold. Or with 20 lbs of steel, gravity and lightning.

Very GooD
Why? Because **** you is why.

User Info: Dr_cula

4 years ago#5
wow you played offline? welll glad you have fun, i loves playing co op
Henry: Why, this one time at mage camp, I killed 100 people with one curse!

User Info: Hitoshura9999

4 years ago#6
I have died at least 23 times and i just passed burg but the most depressing thing its people invading me for a mere 2000 souls :(

Thats what makes me wanna quit
The less you care the more awesome you will be!!

User Info: RedEyeDeath331

4 years ago#7
My take on loosing souls. You can only loose the souls and humanity you are carrying around. So if you dont want to loose it, dont carry it around.

I think I would have had a much easier time if I played this game online. The four kings fight would have probably been much easier if I had someone to summon other than Witch Beatrice. Eventually I just beat them bymeself. Perhaps someone could have saved me when I got traped in Ash Lake.

I dont understand the people that give up. Its soo easy to give up. Staying calm and using ur brain to figure stuff out in this game is what this game is all about. The clerk tried to sell me the guide with this game, said I would "need it". I didn't need it, im sure it would have been very helpful, but then what would the point of playing this awesome game then. Beating the Taurus Demon only to get Bar-B-Q'd by the red dragon on the bridge was terrifying and awesome. Oh and that dragon on the bridge, IMO is the hardest to kill. Lure, Attack, Run. Seems simple. but that nuclear fire just ruins the best of plans.

I would also be interested in playing a prequel to this game. The guy that droped the body down the hole. playing his part I bet would be interesting.

User Info: oakview80

4 years ago#8
SteamyPunk posted...

Can you believe some people die a few times, whine that the game is cheap/impossible and then quit...? Such a waste.

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