Some hacker dude

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User Info: EarthboundD2

4 years ago#1
Just blue stoned and fought this guy beside the door leading into darkroot garden. He had a dragon mode red phantom summoned that took no damage from any of my attacks (wrath of god and a great scythe). Anyway, his name is Archon_Lucien. Don't really know if anyone cares about this or not, but I thought I would make some post about it anyway? Sully his name and get rid of some butthurt on my end at least.

I suppose it would be interesting to know how the person managed to do this.

User Info: Qiox

4 years ago#2
If it happened, it had to have been possible, how idk.

I was helping someone once in Anor Londo, someone invaded, chain BSed him for like a full minute, and his HP bar barely went down, with me dealing ~450 damage each time.

In those odds, I certainly did not win...even got killed in 2 hits
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User Info: Kinetical

4 years ago#3
Earth bound, is your psn lau something as your on my buddy list? :) if not, then its that I've seen this guy mentioned twice tonight.
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User Info: CStick

4 years ago#4
I think I ran into him. I BS'ed him for zero damage.

I also ran into another guy with infinite endurance and likely a modded claymore, since he stunlocked me to death with a bastard sword.
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User Info: akechi419

4 years ago#5
its called save state hacking, i already reported another dude for it on sonys site.
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User Info: UFE9999

4 years ago#6
akechi419 posted...
its called save state hacking, i already reported another dude for it on sonys site.

Heh, this is almost par for the course for PVP on PC and 360 now. I didn't think hacking was possible on the PS3 other than for games with unencrypted saves like FF13-2.


User Info: Arc166

4 years ago#7
I got killed in 1 hit by a flame weapon in Full Havel with Havel's shield up yesterday. Was lol. Normally I wouldn't even notice the damage.

User Info: R1masher

4 years ago#8
I have encountered something similar, invaded and a red was there (so he's not on my players met list) squared off while the host looked on, hit the red a couple of times for no damage, backstabbed him and I took damage, chain bs'ed him and took even more damage, mashed him and nothing, then he cut my face off . I messaged the host asking lolwtf... he didn't reply.
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