Patrolin' upper Blighttown...

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User Info: DuneMan

4 years ago#11
Upper Blight Town isn't all that horrible, it just condenses some of the core tenets of the Souls games down into a seemingly small space.

I.e. observation of your environment is key. You need to note how the platforms connect, where the enemies are located, listen for growling to indicate that you have drawn the aggro of the deformed thugs, and be vigilant about blocking with a Spider Shield until the blowdart guys knock themselves off their platforms for you.

It's a decent revisit of the hellhole that was 5-2 in Demon's Souls. Your first trek through that swamp could feel like an endless journey into madness. Once you finally press through though, and become more familiar with the map, you realize you can pretty much run straight to the shantytown without fighting anything.

With Dark Souls instead of running to a shantytown most folks just use the Valley of Drakes as a shortcut to Quelaag.
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User Info: Devioyz

4 years ago#12
I like to parry the dung monters, and power within. Best is just run through in hidden body, make the iaito jump, rest, run through grab pw and get the hell out of dodge.

User Info: Deified_Data

4 years ago#13
Upper Blighttown is a lot more enjoyable with a ring of fog.

User Info: acangial

4 years ago#14
It's almost unavoidable if you want the awesome Eagle Shield for almost any build.
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User Info: PhoenixUltima

4 years ago#15
Upper blighttown isn't as hard as it seems the first time around, but it's still an unenjoyable slog across narrow platforms while blowgun jerks shoot at you. Do it once or twice for the decent stuff, then skip it with the master key.

I mean the only thing in there worth having more than 1 of is power within, and maybe the iaito.
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User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#16
acangial posted...
It's almost unavoidable if you want the awesome Eagle Shield for almost any build.

I've only ever collected that shield once...I remember where it is but damned if I know how to get to it.

I've skipped Upper Blight Town in almost all of my runs, and only gone there if I needed Power Within...that place is stank
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User Info: W_S_Burroughs

4 years ago#17
It's worth it for Power Within alone, easily. I usually don't even stop at the bonfire, and come up from the swamp so I can leave the Depths open for hosting. Upper Blighttown is one of the best spots for invading.
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User Info: KishinZephrite

4 years ago#18
Even after I've looted the place, I for one think it's a fun place to try out recently upgraded weapons/armor. Great place to see what your character is capable of. I even don't mind toxic and the effect of power within at the same time, makes the trek that much more exciting. I had more fun in blighttown than demon ruins and lost izalith (however, slaying a bunch of taurus demons in like a few minutes doesn't really get old)
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User Info: DuneMan

4 years ago#19
Lost Izalith is one of the weaker sections of the game, to be sure. From 'dinobutt' start to 'bed of glitches' finish, you can tell that From Software 'pay the price' for their ambition with the game.
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User Info: Growshroom

4 years ago#20
Upper Blighttown is a disappointment. Scratch that, all of Blighttown is a disappointment. I really dig the aesthetic, just like I loved World 5's: effluvial grime you can practically feel and taste, and atmosphere you can cut with a knife (probably because of the high quantity of effluvial grime). It's just that Blighttown fails to stack up in any way to the brilliance that is 5-2.

The swamp in Lower Blighttown is both less oppressive and less dangerous, and is less impressive as a result. It is no longer something you really have to trek through, with shelter and 4 exits all within short running distance, the environment is no longer stacked against you, it lacks enemies with the same dread-inducing threat level of the Goblin Giants, and it doesn't stick any good treasure in places that would make you willing to stick your neck out to risk them. It also does not offer many vertical areas that players will feel tempted to brave before defeating the boss, like 5-2's slug nest and the bridge shortcut. Some of the greatest tension in those levels came from navigating those narrow walkways knowing that you'll have to trek through the swamp again if you fall and die.

Upper Blighttown, on the other hand, fails to be as interesting an area as the shantytown at the end of 5-2 but sadly sees much more PvP than that area ever did. Its main flaws are that it is more linear than that area (more like 5-1), and that it offers bottlenecks that encourage camping in PvP. This latter issue was avoided in the 5-2 shantytown for a few reasons. The host's destination was reached by going up, the invader always entered the stage behind the host, the way up was wide and multi-leveled with lots of nooks and crannies allowing for interesting fights and stealth, and falling down did not result in death but rather wading in the poison swamp.

tl;dr - Blighttown is a poor-man's 5-2. They should have replicated more of 5-2's elements, only without some of its more unfair parts (namely the no rolling in the swamp; reduce all rolls to fat rolls while in the swamp and lower speed to >75% encumbrance, reduce this penalty to medium/medium if wearing Rusted Iron Ring).
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