Have you ever killed a boss in a cool, sort of cinematic way?

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  3. Have you ever killed a boss in a cool, sort of cinematic way?

User Info: Chao_Yun

4 years ago#11
brumey posted...
i was on my mage NG SL30 wanted to kill artorias. he one shotted me at least 10 times cuz i had base sorcerer VIT.... fed up of him i put on bellowing ring, red tearstone ring and dusk crown. got my HP down with dung pies so that RTSR activated. entered fog and 2-shotted that sucker! but he got me down also... DOUBLE KO

You the man! Well, I guess you both were... Nicely done at sl30. I won't be trying it.
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User Info: TILlegion777

4 years ago#12
My last Artorias fight was pretty cool I thought. I was in Orns armor with the DSS. I never went aggressive, for the most part I hardly moved. Every time he'd attack, I'd roll through and land a counter hit on him. By the end he'd done his self power up to the point where any hit would have one shotted me. He tried to pull off the flip, and he landed meeting the 2-Hand R2 of the DSS. Looked pretty badass.
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User Info: xxSkyShadowxx

4 years ago#13
If you count an epic fail kill as cinematic and interesting, then yep. Although it had to have been a one-time freak glitch so I guess it doesn't count. haha

I killed the Gaping Dragon with my corpse. I think we basically killed each other at the same time but that's not what it looked like. I got to see my dead self fly into him, kill him and then I loaded back in the level. It was my most hilarious death ever. It was also my most hilarious kill. (even if it didn't truly count as a kill)

Normally I don't go for fancy kills tho'. I see a boss and my vision goes red and then somehow later it is dead. :P

User Info: SolidKnight

4 years ago#14
Yeah, I was fighting Manus as a phantom and I killed him with a plunging attack.

User Info: GodsPoison

4 years ago#15
Fought the Centipede Demon with my Black Knight Great Sword and finished him off using the 2H R2 wind-up slash to chop his tail off and kill him in one final attack. It was cool because i basically dismembered him God Of War style as my final attack.

That and i killed Quelaag with a running jump from the small hill that resulted in a plunging attack on her with my Zweihander, finished her off like a badass!

User Info: CompletelySilen

4 years ago#16
The iron giant falling down and spreading its legs so I can dive head first into the crotch area and do a gyno check up. Best boss kill ever, die by crotch kill
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User Info: CaptainWolf

4 years ago#17
Most Bosses felt pretty epic with my free-aiming no-melee mage,
or there's knocking the Iron Golem off of its tower, but sweetest of all is boppin' things with my naked mid-roll dual-Smough Hammer build. Bop It! More fun than a pillow fight!

And yeah, I try to finish Sif quickly, too.
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User Info: SSJPabs

4 years ago#18
Got summoned by some guy in the Kiln who seemed to be on his first ever run. The host already had another summon. We held off an invader, but the other summon fell off the narrow path so it was just me and the host against Gwyn.

Gwyn was aggressive and I engaged him in melee while the host hit him with arrows and the occasional sword strike. Toward the end of the fight I got caught by his combo and had to fall back and heal. Gwyn turned on the host and in the time it took me to pop a humanity he took out over half the Host's HP. I charged back in and Gwyn turned and did his jumping attack at me. I dodged it, then immediately parried him. As Gwyn rose to his feet after the riposte, I used the Iato's 2HR2 to finish him.

The effect: It looked like I riposted him to his knees then beheaded him.

As I disappeared I saw the host do the prostration emote, acknowledging the flashy ending.

Also last time I took on Artorias I did as Aggressively as possible, never retreated always charged. So it was basically about 45 seconds of dodge rolls and slashes by both of us. Very intense, not really a heroic battle, but very fun.
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  3. Have you ever killed a boss in a cool, sort of cinematic way?

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