What SL is pvp these days?

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User Info: dozingdevil

4 years ago#11
Arc166 posted...
From: dozingdevil | #006
Arc166 posted...

Not caps btw

My builds have been 130 recently. A little extra points for a tiny bit extra.

Oh I see.

I was more or less just repeating what I've read tbqh.

I stick to 80 at max for PVP. Avoids all the vit gouging.

Meh, I don't think that's true. At SL50 I tend to be using some sort of chaos weapon with a 14/14 or 16/14 split on str/dex, with about 25 endurance and 40 vitality.
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User Info: Arc166

4 years ago#12
Whatever vit other people are stopping at, it's low enough that someone dies nearly instantly when someone screws up. This is my preference.
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