Tips for arena survival for an average player

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User Info: ratt80

4 years ago#1
So, Ive had this game since release, finally playing the dlc content pretty late in the cycle.

Was excited to play in the arena but found it really is a whole different beast.

For the most part, it is a shark tank where people employ arena centric tactics to ensure a win. I feel not many are looking for fun gameplay, most are looking for the win. Though I dont like it, I cant complain because it is the arena.

Matches I get are mostly against highly skilled people way out of my league. The other matches I get very low skill players. Very rarely do I finish a match saying " that was a great fight." Most of the time Im getting ROFL stomped or dishing it out.

Does the arena suffer from more connection issues than other pvp? Seemed more laggy than usual.

Anyways, just looking for arena survival tips for someone new to the area. Please dont say VIIT, END, elemental +5 and heal.

Are people just avoiding the arena altogether? Seems like people dont really like it and would rather just pvp in the normal areas.

Playing in the 50 -100 bracket.

User Info: dozingdevil

4 years ago#2
The arena has bad level caps. level 100 is not where most pvpers cap. People who cap at 125 end up in the 200 bracket, and so generally avoid it for that reason.

Additionally, there are no rewards, no incentive to play there.

If you want to win in the arena consistently, pick a faith build. You said don't mention heal...but well...that's really one of the best ways to win. Additionally, wrath, and a buff in an arena setting are great, as they can't run, they can only kite, meaning more mistakes.

You can also emply TwoP and Vow of Silence easier.
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User Info: Shadowruler

4 years ago#3
The best advice I can give you that seems to work more often than not, is to use weapons/spells that do lots of damage really fast and don't get hit a lot.
I find when I employ these tactics, I usually win.
Soldier Gamer - PSN: orbajo

User Info: altrich

4 years ago#4
i got 17 killstreak when I was testing my sl 91 leo spear quality build so maybe try that. After i got to 100 I don't really bother to get more than that as it took way too long to find matches lol.

If you dont like spear then just look at the top 20 builds in the leaderboard and find a build that fit your playstyle. I think mostly are faith, dex, and I saw one gravelord sword build (str at 24).
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User Info: ratt80

4 years ago#5
Ah shoot i didnt realize you could actually see the builds, Ill check that out.

Im going back for more, even if Im getting destroyed. I dont like the format, but at least I get to play for 3 min straight.

I think quality builds w/ healing seem to do really well in the arena. Might have to make one just for the arena.

Casting seems even tougher in arena pvp than in regular pvp.
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