Beat Dark Souls, can Demon's Souls hold up to it?

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User Info: ratt80

4 years ago#11
if you do it blind, you'll have a lot of fun. Lvl design is still good, characters are memorable. There's some weird parallels between the games.

And just wait till you get trolled with a scraping spear.youre gonna love it. BPing in demons is a lot a fun.

User Info: Zasamel01

4 years ago#12
played demons and hated it.darksoul is better imo.its too short and alot of the weapons have the same move set. never thought i would miss the plunging attack or jump animation but immediately they standout when gone.
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User Info: skytrot

4 years ago#13
It really depends. I played DS first then DeS and while I needed some time to get used to the it(animations were a little different), I really enjoyed it overall. It really feels like a different experience. Both are definitely in my best games of all time list.

Personally I prefer DS because of the openworld, bonfires and estus flasks. It also has tighter attack animations IMO (I know some people prefer DeS's animations), ability to slide down ladders and plunging attacks.

DeS on the otherhand does some things really well too that I wished DS had retained. For eg. Char Tendency and World Tendency (latter would be pretty hard to implement though)
Some of the bosses in DeS were also pretty awesome and creative like the Old Hero, Old Monk, Fool's Idol and etc. (note that I'm not talking about the difficulty of the boss but the way each boss is varied) False King Allant is also a better boss then Lord Gywn IMO.

User Info: Mr_Massacre

4 years ago#14
It seems to me that which ever was played first is preferred, I played Dark first and feel it is superior in every way. (except online I'm lead to believe).

I think demon might be harder, after finishing dark I tried DES, and I kept getting bodied on 1-2... then I read I should do 2-1,3-1,4-1 first....

but i'm now about to start my 4th play through of dark and have no interest in going back to Demons at this time. Not even sure I will finish it before DS2
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User Info: Ireland_FTW

4 years ago#15
DeS > DaS in most aspects except ladder speed.

That's by far the worst part for DeS....Oh the humanity!!!
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User Info: Cvdf3

4 years ago#16
Yup, Dark is better in my opinion but Demon's is right behind in the scope of things.
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User Info: Dat_Pear

4 years ago#17
Demon's levels & mobs are more difficult than DkS 1.03+. Conversely, the bosses of DkS were better, more challenging, and less cheese-able.

Highly recommended anyhow. Definitely blind run if at all possible.

User Info: BombayNugz

4 years ago#18
DeS gameplay is thoroughly more enjoyable, and PvP was infinitely more skill based.
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User Info: Yuenku

4 years ago#19
Arc166 posted...
I played it like a week ago. Wasn't as good for me. The online constantly not working probably didn't help. Also nearly everything takes boss souls.
Was also much easier, except for 1-4. And that was because I accidentally made it hard.

Not a bad game though. Worth a play.

This. Its very difficult to go from Dark to Demon's.

Its worth a play, but I doubt you'll be going through it multiple times.
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4 years ago#20
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