4 kings boss need help

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User Info: Blueaustin97

4 years ago#1
hey guys im stuck at this place anyone help psn is frostyice97 my sl is 50 so levels 36 -66 can help me
psn : Dark souls account : FrostyIce97
Psn:actual acount : Blueaustin97

User Info: Devioyz

4 years ago#2
Ive got a char, not optimize but im sure we can handle it :-)
Just heal me and stay back, but if 2 kings spawn we split up.
Also i dont kill ghost because then i cant buff.
I'll be on in a while.

Psn: bolke

User Info: Gixen

4 years ago#3
You still need help?
PSN: Gixen99
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