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User Info: Lieutenant_Fuzz

4 years ago#11
PSN: ShankerOfFaces
What are you, casul?

User Info: jqh97116

4 years ago#12
No helm, Black Sorcerer's Robe, Balder gauntlets, Silver Knight leggings, CPS ring, Wolf ring.
Fastest roll/movement. Just made this and I like it.

All shadow is really good. Fast movement and rolls. Looks badass. CPS ring + whatever you want.

All elite knight is good when upgraded for slow melee character. Good luck with that though. I switched my playstyle from that halfway through because it sucks.

Besides those it's pretty simple. Use light armors so you can move quickly, and evade faster. It's a hell of a lot better than slow and hard hitting.
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User Info: dragons-souls

4 years ago#13
What's a CPS ring?? I tried searching it, but couldn't find it anywhere :/

User Info: jqh97116

4 years ago#14
dragons-souls posted...
What's a CPS ring?? I tried searching it, but couldn't find it anywhere :/

Oops.. Lol. I meants the CGS ring. stupid kindle autocorrect. The Covetous Gold Serpent ring.
DukeTogoG13MR posted... "Go Rambo and go on a knife killing spree like you just bumped 7 lines of Bolivias finest"

User Info: Brian_Watters

4 years ago#15
dragons-souls posted...
Being able to roll properly is important to me, and poise is important

Yes, and, yes. Unfortunately, for a relatively low level build (40 Endurance), it is difficult to achieve both. This can be solved with Wolf Ring, and/or, Havel's Ring. However, then you miss the opportunity to equip other rings which are more useful for PVP.

Going for a lightweight high poise build, as you desire, you would in my opinion be best off with:

Gargoyle Helm
No Armor! (hopefully you have a beautiful chest)
Giant Gauntlets
Hollow Soldier Waistcloth

Total Weight = 14.7
Total Poise = 36

This is one solution that Cvdf3 previously posted, and is the most efficient by my calculations. It provides enough poise to tank certain strikes, and allows you a small amount of remaining weight while still being able to FAST ROLL. I recommend you use Ring of Favor & Protection to allow you a bit more leeway in equipment weight so you can have a decent shield, weapon, and magic casting tool and still fast roll. Alternatively, raise your endurance slightly until you can equip the shield and weapon you desire.

Armor with the highest poise/wt ratios are:
(Listed as Ratio, Name, Weight, Poise)

2.40, Havel's Helm, 7.5, 18
2.29, Gargoyle Helm+5, 3.5, 8
2.22, Giant Helm+5, 6.3, 14
2.21, Stone Helm, 6.8, 15
2.06, Golem Helm, 6.3, 13
2.06, Smough's Helm, 6.8, 14
2.00, Black Iron Helm+5, 6.0, 12
1.90, Knight Helm+10, 4.2, 8
1.78, Royal Helm+10, 4.5, 8
1.78, Iron Helm+10, 4.5, 8

2.41, Havel's Armor, 19.5, 47
2.22, Stone Armor, 17.6, 39
2.13, Giant Armor+5, 16.4, 35
2.01, Golem Armor, 16.4, 33
1.99, Smough's Armor, 17.6, 35
1.99, Black Iron Armor+5, 15.6, 31
1.83, Knight Armor+10, 10.9, 20
1.79, Catarina Armor+5, 11.7, 21
1.78, Armor of the Sun+10, 9.0, 16
1.71, Embraced Armor of Favor+5, 11.7, 20

2.43, Havel's Gauntlets, 11.5, 28
2.21, Stone Gauntlets, 10.4, 23
2.16, Giant Gauntlets+5, 9.7, 21
2.06, Golem Gauntlets, 9.7, 20
2.02, Smough's Gauntlets, 10.4, 21
1.96, Black Iron Gauntlets+5, 9.2, 18
1.88, Catarina Gauntlets+5, 6.9, 13
1.71, Knight Gauntlets+10, 3.5, 6
1.69, Steel Gauntlets+10, 8.3, 14
1.67, Black Knight Gauntlets+5, 6.0, 10

4.67, Hollow Soldier Waistcloth+10, 1.5, 7
3.57, Hollow Warrior Waistcloth+10, 1.4, 5
2.43, Havel's Leggings, 11.5, 28
2.21, Stone Leggings, 10.4, 23
2.16, Giant Leggings+5, 9.7, 21
2.06, Golem Leggings, 9.7, 20
2.02, Smough's Leggings, 10.4, 21
1.96, Black Iron Leggings+5, 9.2, 18
1.88, Catarina Leggings+5, 6.9, 13
1.88, Knight Leggings+10, 6.4, 12

User Info: AIreadylnUse

4 years ago#16

Damn useful if you care to min-max.

Also good if you want to look fashionable with fast roll.
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