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User Info: moodyjm2

4 years ago#11
I got 99 humanity son...hit meh
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User Info: altrich

4 years ago#12
if you're playing on your first playthrough or just mostly for PVE, don't worry you are fine. Once you started making characters for PVP purpose and adapted to the lag/latency it won't take long to get to 99 humanity just from invading/ getting invaded.
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User Info: Reihn_K

4 years ago#13

You obviously belong to the people in my first paragraph. Why do you care so much if I'm unhappy about new players getting it?

User Info: Reihn_K

4 years ago#14
Whoops.. wrong thread. Anyways, I farm my humanities to 99 throughout PvP/helping people at DLC areas.

User Info: Yuenku

4 years ago#15
Lieutenant_Fuzz posted...
After a couple hours of invading and PvP i'll get 99. Isn't really worth anything to me so i'll usually join another covenant to get something cool, then rejoin the darkwraiths so I can continue to give humanity. I don't need it, but I also despise losing large quantities of souls/humanity even if I never use it.

This. I usually roll with about 7-12 Humanity without PvPing, but onc eI get my build set up and start invasions I usually get to 99 after several sessions.
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User Info: er0spl0x

4 years ago#16
Other than pvp and coop for humanity u can just farm soft humanity from dukes archives seath has to be alive just warp from undead parish then go to the shortcut kill the undead at the end of the stairs and then use homeward back to undead parish and keep doing this till u get 99
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User Info: TILlegion777

4 years ago#17
I wind up with... a lot more than 99 usually. 99 Soft, a stack Hard, maybe most of a second stack, plus and Doubles I have. I don't really know how or why, I tend to just... accrue a lot. The number goes down quickly once I start PvP though.
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User Info: SaintZetsu

4 years ago#18
Thanks to Dom I have 99 humanity and my quality of life has improved.
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