New to some terms in game, help please

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User Info: Sesshomaru326

4 years ago#1
What does it mean when people say that a weapon or your stats "scale"? I play a pyromancer and I've been focusing endurance, vitality, strength and dexterity. When do these stats max out and how does scaling affect these stats and the weapons i use?

User Info: R1masher

4 years ago#2
Look at those letters on your weapons, an A scales with att. a D scales with dex. a S str. a E end. B idk... Soft caps at 40

User Info: Coontemptus

4 years ago#3
^ Trolling

Most weapons scale with one of your base stats.

Each icon represents a stat. In order they are Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Faith.

If a weapon has S or A scaling, it will get a lot more power from characters with those stats.

If it has E scaling, it will gain very little damage from that stat. If it has "-" in the scaling it doesn't scale from that stat.

For example, most large weapons have scaling from strength, and most fast weapons and bows get scaling from dexterity. Some weapons scale from multiple stats. Divine/Occult weapons scale from faith, and magic/enchanted weapons scale from Intelligence.

If you look at your weapon screen you will see the base damage in one column, and +XX damage in the next column. That is the damage being added by your scaling.
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