I need some tips for a SL1 run (spoilers)

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User Info: Dat_Pear

4 years ago#21
GLHF. Check Emarrel's NG+7 SL1 vids, they're really informative.

Make sure you have a bow with poison arrows. Makes certain areas substantially easier.

At SL1, armor is mostly worthless after AL. Go for style (<25% of course).

Echoing everyone who says Balder Shield. Pretty boss. Definitely pick up Crest Shield as well.

User Info: jlh28532

4 years ago#22
Sorry for bumping this thread but I did it!

Some parts were hard:
*New Londo and the damn ghosts to the point where I had to farm those Sunlight Bugs for Red Chunks to get my crossbow to +7 Fire (it one shots them there)
*4 Kings, sometimes their moves would one shot me and sometimes they would only take off half my life
*Gwyn until I decided to abandon my Parry + Ripose + Power Within + Hornet Ring plan and just went with Great Combustioning his ass
*somehow I bugged Solaire so he didn't show up for O&S or Gwyn

Blader shield helped out, I ended up using F&P, and my final armor was the starter Pryomancer because it ended up being better than the armor from Ceaseless
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User Info: Ahriman

4 years ago#23
Not that it matters now, but you can just snipe Ingward for the key with a crossbow and the binoculars from the stairs. There's no reason to actually go visit him unless you wanted more curses or resist curse. Really with max pyro SL1 in newgame isn't so bad, especially if you use Power Within.
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  3. I need some tips for a SL1 run (spoilers)

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