Dark Souls II: A Chosen Undead for All Seasons

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User Info: Growshroom

4 years ago#1
Youtube comments sometimes display sparks of genius:


louisgworld 8 hours ago

i have a feeling that the counter where humanity used to be tells you what season you are in

the wyvern castle was sunny in the gameplay video but in the VGA trailer it is snowing there.

also note while it is snowing there are no wyverns there, makes sense since reptiles hibernate

and thats how you cross the bridge

Mega pringles 5 hours ago

You Sir, Deserve a prize. The reveal website did have a frozen pendulum swinging. Maybe an item to shift seasons?.

Plausible concept, or most plausible concept?

Continuing with this line of thought, the question is whether all 4 seasons will be featured or (as FromSoft is wont to do) it will be a dichotomous shift between Summer and Winter.

Whatever the case, the question then becomes if the seasonal shifts will effect difficulty in a universal way, ala Black World Tendency (all enemies are stronger in Winter, BP enemies appear) or on an area by area basis (some zones are only accessible during a certain season, as the comment suggests; zones have altered area/enemy layouts during a certain season).

Wait, no.......

...... OK.


..... has longer nights and shorter days.

Dark Souls II features both seasonal cycles (altered by the player using an item) and day/night cycles (shifting over time or altered by player at a bonfire). During the day areas act as normal, but at night areas become darker, requiring additional light sources, and stronger enemies appear. Some areas may only be accessible at night.

Assuming Day/Night progresses independently of player choice, exploring areas now has a new level of tension. Can you afford to continue exploring an area with night approaching? If you take too long on a boss, could night fall in around you and make things even more difficult?

Could night factor in to a new invasion system, perhaps?
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User Info: DemiNoises

4 years ago#2
Plausible. But like dual wielding it depends on how they implement it.

If its just an aesthetic thing or is a huge deal story-wise, then Meh.
If it adds challenge to the game I'm all for it :D
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User Info: Arc166

4 years ago#3
Oracle of Seasons was better than time.

DK2>1 confirmed.

User Info: Necro_Fear89

4 years ago#4
That actually makes sense, if it is indeed the case it will be amazing to explore even more. I loved World Tendency in Demon's Souls but it wasn't explained well in-game so not many people knew about it, it also means that different weather effects will be in the game, hopefully they change as the time goes by. If night falls and I'm fighting a boss and the boss gets harder because of it that will be awesome, or if certain night cycles spawn black phantom versions of enemies.
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User Info: DemiNoises

4 years ago#5
Actually I could've swore I read somewhere that they were hinting at a dynamic weather system now that I think about it :o

I'll see if I can't find that article somewhere.
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User Info: SteamyPunk

4 years ago#6
Good theory. Seems like this would be great.

On a related note, I thought the symbol might represent an "eclipse." Seemed like it showed a sun, moon and shadow of the moon. No idea what that would mean but that was what sprung to mind.

User Info: Growshroom

4 years ago#7
DemiNoises posted...
Actually I could've swore I read somewhere that they were hinting at a dynamic weather system now that I think about it :o



2. Weather Will Play A Part

It had previously been discussed that weather could have a part to play in Dark Souls 2 and Tanimura told us more about From Software’s plans:

“So in terms of weather, it’s hard to give too much information at this point. We do plan to have players experience and play with the environment. Obviously with Dark Souls I, having players treading through water was slower than on ground, things like that, we plan to implement. One of the other things we want to sort of play with is the use of wind. We will continue to follow with more details of that later on – not necessarily with weather but with environmental [challenges], which will be key to Dark Souls 2."

So during Winter piled up snowdrifts may slow movement and harsh winds may make navigating or fighting in high-up areas difficult.

Imagine Royal Wood, only covered in snow. In certain recessed areas deeper snow accumulation would bog you down, trapping you at a potentially unfortunate time unless you tread carefully.

Imagine the Valley of the Drakes, only with gale force winds blowing through intermittently. You have to actively fight to stop being swept off the ledge, with the Drakes only complicating matters.

This also opens up the potential for more equipment-driven gameplay design. Just like players who specialize in shield-less one-handed weaponry will have an advantage over other types of players when it comes to exploring dark areas using a torch, players who specialize in light or heavy armor could hold advantages when it comes to snowy weather.

-Players with <25% equip burden can walk over deep snow drifts without sinking in and become encumbered. This only applies to walking; running, evading, or attacking will cause them to sink immediately like other players
-Players with >50% equip burden can function normally in high-wind conditions without being blown around; >25% <50% players are less effected by wind than their >25% counterparts

This is only considering the specific weather effects mentioned in the interview. Those same types of weather and other weather effects could have even greater effects on the same environments:

-Environment in Summer has lots of areas of waist-deep water that slow movement, and some areas of impassible water. In Winter, all the water freezes, allowing for traversal to previously unreachable areas and non-slowed movement. The tradeoff is that all frozen areas have reduced traction and that the ice over previously impassible water would crack in certain places as an environmental hazard (lower equipment burden would reduce the risk of cracking, as would slower movement over fragile areas)
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User Info: Vita_Aeterna

4 years ago#8
That's actually very smart observation and makes a lot of sense because
"The concept of time and the existence of time is something that will be key to Dark Souls II,”-Shibuya

User Info: Growshroom

4 years ago#9
Time to bump.
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User Info: ZoosIVXX

4 years ago#10
My **** is so hard
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