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User Info: Snipa_Wulf12

4 years ago#1
You just encountered a boss that goes by your user name in DksII.

Describe what the boss looks like, where you fight him, what his attacks may be like, and when in the game he would be fought (beginning,midboss,lategame boss).

Ill go later. Feel free to be as creative as you can. :3

User Info: dozingdevil

4 years ago#2
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User Info: Loshadt

4 years ago#4
But I'm already in the game. Hell, I was in the IGN gameplay reveal.
Russian is my first language, so yes there may be a spelling error or two.
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User Info: ZoosIVXX

4 years ago#5
Seeing as how gwyn is sort of a zeusish character it probably would just be gwyn
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User Info: replicax77

4 years ago#6
Tony Danza
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User Info: TheMcKnightMare

4 years ago#7
Jetstream Sam
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User Info: Tmk

4 years ago#8
Late-game optional, hidden boss. It's a human, about False King size, decked out in Ichrius Armor from King's Field 2. Wields Moonlight Sword. Has no shield. This is how you get it in this game, defeating this boss.


- Halts movement, grips sword with both hands and does a quick horizontal slash, that unleashes a moonlight vertical wave of energy that has erratic tendril-like pillars of electricity running along the ground beside it. The wave has mild homing properties, will explode on impact.

- Free hand gains a dark red energy around it that takes the form of a dragon's head, then thrusts that hand outward, unleashing a snake-like dragon that slithers through the air towards you, composed of flames. Once it reaches near you it will circle you in a wide radius, at some point soon after rushes towards you, so you must stay on your guard.

- Free hand crackles with lightning, converges into an orb that is hurled, rushing forward towards you, but instead of colliding it then zooms straight up and disperses its energy downward in a lightning bolt that erupts in an explosion and sends out a small shockwave through the ground.

- Holds the Moonlight Sword out to the side for a moment, the blade grows several crystal-like spikes of energy, then swings the sword towards the player, unleashing a spiked crystal ball of energy as a projectile, that will explode massively on impact, though has no homing properties.

- The Moonlight Sword has a shiny glare wash over it as it's thrust straight up, dispersing a sphere of energy, then he swings the sword straight down in front of him, causing the orb above to fire a spread of blue beams downward into the ground that, at a moderate pace, are aimed more forward causing the beams to spread apart more as they reach out further, erupting with small explosive force on the ground as they go. Takes the longest of the attacks, so easiest to interrupt.

- Two quick diagonal melee attacks, with a slower, stronger vertical slash follow up.

- Waves hand in front of him, materialising several spheres of water that then rush towards the target with limited homing properties; sort of like a marriage of the Hydra's projectile attack and homing soulmass.

- Looks down for a moment, then lunges a small ways forward while swiping with the sword horizontally.

- Stops and looks down, focusing and channeling the power of the earth and after about 4 or 5 seconds, a light brown wave of energy will envelope him, restoring about 15% of his max HP.

- If struck by non-magic projectiles, will swirl around, casting an aura of fierce winds that act as a shield surrounding him, repelling such projectiles away for its duration (2 minutes).

- Similar to the earth-based healing, but using pure light to remove status ailments, and a bit faster, about 3 seconds.

- A forward thrust with the sword, then swirls it overhead into a downward powerful slash, then gripping it with both hands and doing an equally strong upward slash, ending by twisting his wrist to do one more quick, horizontal slash while still holding it with both hands.

- A single, mildly slow wind-up downward slash, stronger than other slashes with the sword.

- A somewhat quick combo of 3 varying slashes, though sometimes only doing 1 or 2 of them, and sometimes following straight up with the aforementioned single powerful slash.

So basically a giant ball of King's Field.
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User Info: Arc166

4 years ago#9
Wimpy looking guy who does nothing but run, spam force and pop infinite humanities.

The battle takes place in a corridor like Gwyndolan's except actually infinite and I run 3 times as fast as you possibly can.

You win the battle by just waiting, causing me to become bored, and jump off a cliff.

User Info: PHoToS999

4 years ago#10
You find me in a large circular arena at in a forest temple. The stone walls are partially covered in foliage, and the floor is patchy, with some spots just being dirt.

I am in the center, a barechested guy wearing poufy middle-eastern pants and a thief's mask covering my mouth. I wield the insanity catalyst and the penetrator sword.

The fight progressively enters another phase with every hit I take, but with three major phases.
As it starts, I cast light weapon on my blade. It dies off when I reach 2/3 health.

First Phase:
I am mostly defensive, with all spells being light based. I alternate between sword and spells rapidly.
Photo Beam: I put my hand out in front of me and charge for a moment, then cast an instantaneous beam of light. The entire animation takes a full second.
Light slash: I slash with my catalyst. After a brief moment, a large slash of light appears in mid air. If struck by the light, you go flying backwards.

Second phase:
I am now green in some places, with small bits of plant life sprouting on my body. I am much more aggressive, but still dodging attacks. The sword is used less.

Bursting Sunflower: I disappear in a flash of light, only to burst from the floor at a random point. On exit, the burst will stagger, but do no damage. If it connects with you on re-entry, you are thrown backwards and damaged.
Lightbulb: I reach out with an ivy tendril from my catalyst.If it connects, I reel you in and grab you around the chest with one hand, lifting you into the air. My hand injects light into you until you glow and the light bursts out of your face/hands/exposed body parts. I toss you away.
The first phase's attacks still happen, but more rarely.

Third Phase:
I am extremely aggressive, tanking hits and never getting staggered.
My skin is a very dark green, with ivy covering much of my body.
The first phase's attacks never happen now and I start off the phase by throwing my sword at you. If it misses, you can pull it out of the wall after the battle. If you try it during, I pop out of the wall and eat you alive.

Weed: I get sucked into the ground, creating a brief field of thorns. When I reappear, a field of thorns marks the spot. If you are too close, I pull you down into the ground, dealing tons of damage before spitting you out and materializing out of the thorns.
Pummel: I augment my fists with thorny briars, increasing my range and fist size by a large amount. My attacks resemble the moveset of the large club (especially the 1h r2), only much, much faster.
Spore: I throw a thorny bomb which explodes in toxic spores.
Crown of Thorns: I put my hand up, palm out, and shoot a thick rope of thorns out. If it connects, I drag you in by the face and cover your head with briars and thorns. I squeeze multiple times, dealing huge damage. Then I throw you away.

Last ditch Phase I weed into the middle of the room and my body bursts apart to reveal a massive, thorny plant. I have only a sliver of health left.
At this point, I am almost exactly like the leechmonger, just planty and thorny.

If I am killed, I shrivel up and turn to ash, which blows away to reveal a small rose in the middle of the ground. If you decide to pluck it, it deals 1 point of damage.

My soul, "The Souls of the Great Weed," tells of a sorcerer who pioneered the magics of the green life. He eventually merged himself with his magic in order to live forever.

If you use it to make a magic spell, it grants you the lazer.
If you make a Miracle out of it, it keeps you alive (unconditionally, except for falling) for ten seconds after death and bestows massive power.
If you make a weapon, it grants the fist of thorns, which has the same moveset as Pummel.
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