Hardest Boss of the Souls series?

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User Info: Runoth

4 years ago#1
Curious to see what people's opinions are. Fyi, I have not played Demon's Souls (though I would love to), and I hear DS has more punishing mechanics than DkS, so I'm wondering if that applies to its bosses.

Having only played DkS, my vote for sheer frustration goes to Bed of Chaos, but that's largely because of its poor design. Hardest "legit" boss fight for me would have to be Four Kings.

If there are some contenders in DS, I'd love to hear about them. Please try and avoid any spoilers regarding the story of DS, but as far as boss mechanics go I'm open to hearing them.
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User Info: Oni_Tatsujin

4 years ago#2
The Flamelurker in Demon's Souls gave me loads more trouble than any boss in Dark Souls ever did.

He has a similar melee moveset to Manus, (but with no magics) and moves at twice the speed... and he gets more and more aggressive and fast as you damage him. And his lightning fast punches make explosions the size and power of the ones that the Fire Sage Demon in Dark Souls makes.

Flame Lurker could demolish Ornstein and Smough in seconds flat.

Edit: Most every boss in the Souls series can give you a little breathing room to pop a healing item or cast a spell. Not Flamelurker. He is perpetually in your face, smashing right through your shield, and cooking you alive.
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User Info: ratt80

4 years ago#3
Flamelurker, before you know the shortcut.

User Info: tenkaistar_2

4 years ago#4
i killed the flamelurker in my first playthrough. thats not to say its easy. i was just a lucky SOB. the spider was the most frustrating boss for me. since i only melee`d and did not cheat.

User Info: Hero_Dunban

4 years ago#5
False King Allant or Flamelurker, I suppose.
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User Info: Cvdf3

4 years ago#6
ratt80 posted...
Flamelurker, before you know the shortcut.

o.o Oh God I can't even imagine...

I'm going to say between Lurker and O&S
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User Info: produner

4 years ago#7
Flamelurker is annoying in NG+, I mean when his HP is dropped to half, he goes ape**** and sticks to your face while dealing dat NG+ damage.

User Info: LegendaryHatred

4 years ago#8
Could be the Old Monk if the invader is skilled.
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User Info: elderdrake666

4 years ago#9
Flamelurker and O&S

User Info: BigKG

4 years ago#10
False King

took me 23 tries to beat him.
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