has anyone beat ornstein and smough 1v2?

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  3. has anyone beat ornstein and smough 1v2?

User Info: Arc166

4 years ago#11

As both a strength build (Havel's greatshield>PVE as a rule) and a faith build (Lightning>everything)

User Info: JonatX

4 years ago#12
Solo, around SL65 using a dex character with quelaag's sword, gold hemmed black set and shiva's shield.

Saved Ornstein for last.
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User Info: Guiltythree

4 years ago#13
Grimtron posted...
Guiltythree posted...
Killed them with a SL1 naked Deprived using just my starting club.
Took me forever though :D

You wouldn't be SL1 then.

Ha! You're right. Deprived starts from SL6, I didn't think about that.

User Info: ZoosIVXX

4 years ago#14
Yes. I beat every boss my first playthrough 1 on 1. Or 1 on 2 for like the gargoyles and S&O and Four Kings.
I even beat Gwyn by myself, and I had no idea you could parry him.
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User Info: Snadados

4 years ago#15
If you want the souls but want to level up first then go into the fight, grab your souls and then homeward bone out of there.
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User Info: Kjay14

4 years ago#16
Silver knight sword. It attacks fast and hard.
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User Info: newjerseyplayer

4 years ago#17
Sort of:

Solaire glitched out, and stayed outside the boss fog.

So I was alone, but I had help.

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User Info: liampancakes

4 years ago#18
mini smough or ornstein will die to 3 hits of great combustion with crown of dusk and bellowing dragoncrest ring.

User Info: Coontemptus

4 years ago#19
Beat them at SL1 solo, solo at SL10 shieldless, solo at SL10 on NG+ and beyond, and solo on NG+7.

There are easy strategies you can follow to avoid taking any damage.

1. Ornstein's attacks are easily blockable. So block them.

2. Smough's charging hammer swings from his right to his left, use this fact to position yourself in a way that always lets you roll towards the center of the arena. Getting cornered or flanked in this fight is bad

3. You can sprint down one side to get some 1v1 time with Ornstien while smough catches up. If you can get him to charge into a pillar stump, take off running but make sure ornstien has a clear line of sight to you. If you don't bearclaw this might be difficult to track him while you run.

4. Its far easier to kill ornstein first. Super smough doesn't have any attacks that aren't easily avoidable. Don't get greedy, slash/cast a few times then get back
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User Info: chaochaoman

4 years ago#20
I killed them 1-on-1 at SL60-something.

With a Lightining Spear +3.

Took me, like, twelve hours.
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  3. has anyone beat ornstein and smough 1v2?

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