The hardest thing in Dark Souls is...

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User Info: quartercircle

4 years ago#21
Necro_Fear89 posted...

I actually think she could leave anytime she wanted, she has nothing stopping her that we know of from plunging down from the plank herself and going back to Lordran. She obviously knows where the exit is and how to return but she just decides to stay, I wonder why. Maybe she has been there since she was a child so it's the only place she knows as home? Or maybe she is guarding the exit to make sure nothing can escape? Regardless, now that the gods have been steadily losing power in Anor Londo I don't imagine her facing any real opposition should she choose to return. Maybe she knows what's going on in Lordran, and just decides to stay away from it all so it won't affect her in the slightest but then the PC comes along and just wants you gone and wants nothing to do with you. She even goes as far as saying "I beg of thee" What kind of powerful being "begs" someone to go away unless they either fear them like the plague or want absolutely nothing to do with that person? Damn, it's early in the morning and I'm talking Dark Souls lore lol

I think her character is much more straight forward than people make it out to be. According to the Peculiar Doll description she wandered into the painting accidentally; she wasn't exiled. Jeremiah, on the other hand, was exiled and his armor can be found near the exit, which implies he made the same progress as the player character. Priscilla probably sensed some evil in him and killed him, whereas she senses no evil in the player character and allows us to pass. This is, of course, assuming she's guarding the exit.

User Info: Wyrmcraft

4 years ago#22
For me it's forcing myself to go down to blighttown and dealing with the frame drops.
"Will the circle be unbroken, by and by, by and by? Is a better home awaiting, In the sky, in the sky?" ~ Elizabeth, Bioshock Infinite

User Info: dylan962

4 years ago#23
The hardest thing in dark souls would have to be soliare's massive erection for the sun
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