What weapon do I want if I liked BBS in Demon's Souls?

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User Info: McDohl MR

McDohl MR
4 years ago#1
What weapons should I be on the lookout for or building toward if I liked the Blueblood Sword in Demonís Souls?

I like BBS because:
- It did physical and magic damage, allowing me to deal damage to enemies with resistance to one or the other and large damage to enemies with no resistance to either, as well as harming (most) enemies through their shields (due to generally low magic block across the board). This split damage is probably the biggest factor, but not the only one.
- Can be comfortably used with a shield.
- Good attack speed.
- Good reach. (Not super worried about this one, but it would be nice.)
- Buffable. (Same as above. Not that big of a deal, but it would be nice.)

So taking all of that into consideration, what would I like? What are some strong weapons I should be aiming for? Iíve heard that the (True) Greatsword of Astorias is basically the new BBS, but some people are saying itís not quite as good even at 40/40/40/40. What are some opinions on that weapon? Iíve also heard that Lightning weapons are quite strong.

Anyway, as a veteran of Demonís and a newbie to Dark, I hope you guys can help me out with some good suggestions.

On a related note, I started Pyro, so if anyone has any tips for how to adjust my SLv as I go to make use of suggested weapons, please let me know. So far Iíve pushed to 16 STR and 10 DEX to give me some more weapon options, as well as 14 Attunement. (I plan to stop that at 16, at least for a while.) My other stats remain untouched from base.
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User Info: Phantom0708

4 years ago#3
The shields have higher magic and physical resist, as does armor

Therefore sometimes you'll find the TGSoA to do minimal damage at times, not to mention the stat requirements

It's not a bad weapon, it's just not ideal for a 120 pvp build

I'd just say take a weapon you like and the shotel, as the shotel is the only weapon that ignores shields

You'd may be better just buffing a weapon with crystal magic weapon

Note that elementally upgraded weapons cannot be buffed
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User Info: DJ_0000

4 years ago#4
You can't buff split damage weapons anymore so you have to pick one or the other. I'd say that the Balder Side Sword is probably the closest thing to the Blueblood Sword, you can either go split damage along the magic path or buff it along the normal upgrade path.

User Info: Necro_Fear89

4 years ago#5
Honestly? I felt like the BBS of this game was supposed to be Astora's Straight Sword, but it's a really bad version of the BBS. I would just stick with the Balder Side Sword, and enchant it to whatever you want, I loved the BBS in Demon's Souls though, had a build for PvP especially for it. Not to mention it was made from my favorite boss in the game :D
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User Info: final_chance

4 years ago#6
If you want to buff, then go with Faith over Intelligence. It has the Sunlight Blade (lightning buff) and Darkmoon Blade (magic buff) which are both better than Intelligence's best buff, Crystal Magic Weapon. Also, buffs apply damage on a per hit basis, so it is best to use them with fast Dex weapons that can land many hits before they wear out.

You'll want to raise your faith up to 30 as a minimum to use those buffs. That will also give you access to many other useful miracles, whereas Intelligence is mostly about offensive projectiles which is great for PvE, but nowhere near as useful against other players in PvP. If the offensive magic of Faith isn't to your liking, you can always check out pyromancy which is "free" magic that requires no stat investment. It only gets stronger by leveling up the Pyro Glove or equipping certain items. If you go with Faith, consider joining the Warriors of Sunlight to get the Lightning Spear miracle. Useful against bosses early on.

As for a weapon choice, that's a bit complicated. There aren't any split damage weapons in Dark that can still be buffed like the Meat Cleaver and Blueblood from Demon's. Without glitching that is. Split damage weapons are good at low stats since you can achieve high damage with only minimum investment, but if you push your Str or Dex up to 40 (that's the soft cap in Dark where diminishing returns start) then a normal +15 weapon will always beat out elementals. Also worth mentioning is that increasing Dex slightly speeds up cast time on spells. This effect caps out at 45 Dex. Another reason I suggest Dex weapons.

So yeah...I would recommend you abandon this notion of sticking to split damage weapons. I suggest dex weapons. Good choices available early would be Scimitar, Estoc, Balder Side Sword, Bandit Knife, and Uchigatana. Also the Great Scythe if you want to risk the Catacombs early on, but many players wait to go there. Other choices to keep your eye out for down the road are Iaito, Falchion, Ricard's Rapier, Silver Knight Sword, and Painting Guardian Sword. That's all I can think of for now.

EDIT: As for comparisons to the Blueblood Sword, I would also suggest Balder Side Sword. There is also the plain old Longsword. It has the exact same moveset as Blueblood, but a bit shorter. That's a "quality weapon though...that is to say its a Str/Dex hybrid so you would want 27STR/40DEX to push it to max which requires more stat points obviously. Still a great weapon if you do that though.
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User Info: saxrohmer

4 years ago#7
Well, there isn't any weapon just like the Blue Blood Sword in Dark Souls. There are a few good weapons that might suit you, each of which has a few BBS-like qualities:

1: The Balder Side Sword- This guy will give you a similar moveset, it is buffable on the main path and has good reach. It is at it's best on a Dexterity build.

2. Quelaags Fury Sword- This is a Scimitar-class weapon, but it has a bit going for it despite the split (fire)damage. It's scalable(with Dex and Humanity), great reach for it's class and it's a beast on your first playthrough. I don't recommend using it for 120 pvp- Fire res tends to be high on a lot of popular armor sets.

3. The true greatsword of Artorias- As far as lore/requirements are concerned, this is the closest thing you'll get. It scales off of four attributes, requires a huge spread of stats to equip and requires you to choose from a set of possible uses for the soul(Sif's). That said, it's pretty worthless in PvP, due to the fact that much lighter/easier to acquire swords in it's own class exist. The split damage means in all but the most lopsided comparisons a regular claymore will out damage it...
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User Info: Juxtaposed_

4 years ago#8
Hrm. If you want a similar playstyle, go for a dex/int or dex/faith build and get a baldur side sword (for a similar moveset with high dex scaling) and use an appropriate buff.

If you liked the moveset above all else, make a 28/40 str/dex quality build and use a longsword.
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User Info: Fo_lc_us

4 years ago#9
A straight sword that is fairly long, can be buffed, and has pretty bad scaling (but pretty good base damage)?

(Can't do anything about the split damage, none of them can be buffed)

Then the Silver Knight Straight Sword may be for YOUUUUUUUU!
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User Info: McDohl MR

McDohl MR
4 years ago#10
Thanks, everybody. I took a good look at the weapons mentioned and I've come up with a rough game plan of progression. Not entirely sure how I'm gonna hammer all of it out, but I have some good options. I appreciate the help!
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