Anor Londo Boss Question [Spoilers]

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User Info: Laevant

4 years ago#1
For starters, I've beaten the boss, so help isn't necessary ;D

I was just wondering why the general consensus is to tackle Ornstein first. Smough seems like the weaker one and was much easier to isolate for me. If I went for Ornstein, Smough would be up in my face with his hammer; if I tried going for Smough, Ornstein stayed at a distance and spammed that lightning attack which is easy to dodge. Not only that, but a 1v1 against Ornstein sounds much more fun than dodging Smough's hammer and whacking him a few times.

I went for Ornstein as a friend suggested, but what's it like to go for Smough first? Is Ornstein difficult by himself or something?
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User Info: Blueaustin97

4 years ago#2
Because smoughs is slow and easier to dodge when buffed up . Ornstein is faster his pierce grabbing attack is annoying for me
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User Info: Raverbasher

4 years ago#3
I thought first playthrough you took at Smough first, so Ornestein is powered up, cos he's more badass powered up.

Logic being in NG+ you take out Ornestein first so you have an easier fight with Smough powered up, and then you get both boss souls.
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User Info: final_chance

4 years ago#4
Ornstein is a bit more difficult. Moves a bit faster than Smough and has more range. I prefer to take Ornstein last though if only to get the Leo Ring, but also because he is more fun to fight.
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User Info: Tmk

4 years ago#5
The only real problems with powered up Smough are his butt slam has intense power and crazy range, and his running hammer attack is devastating and in some cases difficult to dodge.

Ornstein can't be staggered or bled when powered up, unlike powered up Smough, and he has a wider variety of moves including a devastating grab attack, and leaves himself much less open for attack.

That said, I find it generally easier to kill Smough first. He's a big target, he's less inclined to dodge, and so long as I'm facing the general direction Ornstein is in, I don't find him as dangerous to ignore as Smough. It's also not too hard to bait Ornstein into doing a combo of moves that won't hit you but occupies him enough to attack Smough.

On the other hand, unlike Smough, Ornstein when it's 2v1 will be far better at closing space between you and him, so if you get very far from Smough you can fight Ornstein by himself for a bit.

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