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4 years ago#1
j/k, totes another Fashion Souls topic

Well first of all I find myself mixing the knight and elite knight set and I was wondering if anyone else thinks this looks better than the normal sets as they are? I've got elite armor and gauntlets with the vanilla knight helm and knight leggings, because the normal knight leggings look lighter, as if to match the elite knight armor better with its tunic rather than a chestplate.

That's not the main reason for this thread though.

I've got a sorcerer on the side and I'm trying to find a good combo of armors. I'm mixing armors with my main char (the knight mentioned above), and I can't seem to find anything I really love yet.

What sort of armor combos do you guys prefer for sorcerers?
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User Info: SolidKnight

4 years ago#2
My mix is:
(Elite) Knight Helm
(Elite) Knight Gauntlets
Knight Armor
Elite Knight Leggings

There are other leggings that would look good with this set but the color differences ruin the look.

User Info: Love-Wilcox

4 years ago#3
My spellsword uses Brass body, Silver Knight arms and legs with the Dusk Crown on the head.

36 poise and looks cool as ****.
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User Info: Kiyosuki_Mk2

4 years ago#4
From purely visuals, my current favorite setup is Thief's mask, Shadow body, Black Iron leggings, and Lord's Blade or Artorias gauntlets. It just looks really cool, the black iron leggings' little tunic skirt makes it look a bit like the character's wearing a hauberk underneath the Ninja body. At 41 end t's just light enough to fit a Wolf's Ring on without Havel's too (but a favor ring.) so it's actually fairly good for serious use too.

That same character also sometimes wears Mother's mask, Lord's Blade armor, Balder gauntlets, and Shadow leggings if I'm try-harding it up or I need to use more heavier equipment at once but it actually looks pretty cool. It helps that Mothers' is the one mask that doesn't look derpy of trolly on every armor you put it on in my opinion.

My spear character uses Artorias armor with Silver knight leggings, a steel helm, and silver knight gauntlets or lord's blade gauntlets and it looks pretty awesome. It's not the most efficient setup stats wise but it looks so good I don't even care. He uses spears anyways.

User Info: dozingdevil

4 years ago#5
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User Info: final_chance

4 years ago#6
For my sorcerer I like the Crimson Robe and Gloves with Gold-Hemmed Leggings. Dusk Crown of course....but if not that then the Big Hat.

My favorite armor setup is Ornstein's chest with Brass Helm, Arms, and Leggings.
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User Info: marko7

4 years ago#7
omg too many casuals go full havels or go home noobs lol

*chugs sunny D*
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User Info: WayWardFelix

4 years ago#8
witches cloak
velka machete
chesters trousers
+male large upper body=hotsiie
Just another day....:)

User Info: NotMyKhakis0

4 years ago#9
big hat
armor of the glorious
silver knight gaunts
witch skirt

User Info: BadrangTyrant

4 years ago#10
Elite knight and female wanderer armour have the swag-factor.
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