metaphysics of dark souls

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User Info: Wafalafaugus

4 years ago#11
quartercircle posted...
Oh_Hello posted...
I have to catch up on the lore thing. but my interpretation...

I think Lordran may be an after-life place, outside the world of the living.
if this is true, I guess they're all dead (undead), but going hollow means they lost their souls and humanity, and turned hostile.

as to why NPCs don't respawn, who knows?
do all of them have Darksigns or just the players?
maybe they don't, or maybe they do respawn, somewhere.

dont know if these things are ever explained but it's a fantasy and a game, after all.

Aha! Not true! The ninja respawns if you kick him off the cliff in Darkroot without talking to Shiva after joining the covenant. When you absolve, rejoin, and talk to Shiva, he and the ninja will be chillin in the swamp like homies.

Also, Lordran is the broken archstone in Demon's Souls. How's that for a thought, hmm?

I believe many have considered this; land of the giants and all that.
Use Transvestite curses or the Ghost blades to damage them.~Ahriman

User Info: spitikus

4 years ago#12
archstone in demon souls? i thought the two were unrelated?
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