Armor comparison?

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User Info: Patriarch105

4 years ago#1
I want to compare some of the armor's that exist to each other and see what's better. Is there a site somewhere that does this?

I'm in Anor Londo currently and am still using Thief set and Spider Shield and I'd like to know if there is something better I can switch to.
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User Info: Nick_Chaos007

4 years ago#2

You could also look into the 2 stickied threads for this type of info you know.
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User Info: AnotherStripe

4 years ago#3
Don't listen to the others, I am an armor connesiur and I know the best combination. Now listen, listen real good 'kay? This armor will save your life in any situation.

Head: Naked
Chest: Maiden Robe
Arms: Moonlight Gloves
Leggings: Moonlight Waistcloth

With this combination you will plow your way through the game, not to mention it'll give you some attitude.
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