New player tips?

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User Info: Perfect_flame

4 years ago#1
G'day guys,

I bought and finished Dark Souls at launch and have decided to start again recently. I don't remember a lot about the game and I have rolled a very different character (I was a Tanky/Blocky high armour Str build) so here's where you come in! :D

I have started as a Thief with dual humanities and so far my Dex is 24 and Endurance is 15 (Everything else is as it started) is there somewhere else I should be putting my points?

What weapons scale best with Dex (Is there a best weapon)?

I only intend on playing PvE. Thanks for any input.
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User Info: _EggplantWizard

4 years ago#3
Putting points into Vitality never hurts.
...also, I've been using a scimitar with my high DEX character lately. ...not sure which weapon scales the best with DEX, but the scimitar has been pretty good for me.
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User Info: elfmirfkinn

4 years ago#4
There are many good weapons that scale well with dex. Especially with 16 str, you have a lot of choices. You should just try some out and see which one you like the best. Rapiers are popular and so are katana. Are you going pure dex or are you putting some points into faith or intelligence? If you are planning on using magic or pyro, you should take dex to 45 for casting speed.

Another choice is 27 str (some argue 28) and 40 dex for use of quality weapons such as lucerne or 2 hand a good number of str weapons.

For the first part of the game I would personally get dex to 30ish and then concentrate on putting points into vit & end. Also focus on getting the large ember from the depths and upgrading your weapon(s) of choice to +10. I wouldn't waste resources on upgrading armor just yet as there is better stuff later on. Unless you've already decided to go with the thief's starting set, which isn't half bad. I've payed through ng++ with it as a matter of fact.

Check out the weapons page of the wikidot and make a mental list of weapons you might want. It never hurts to try some out.
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User Info: Perfect_flame

4 years ago#5
I was thinking pure Dex.
Why do you only spec up to 40? Should I just max out Dex, End and Vit?

User Info: Yuenku

4 years ago#6
I also encourage you to get 16 strength and 40 Dex! You get a bunch of fun weapons!

There is a "Soft Cap" on most stats at 40; going past 40 gives you so small benefits, that there is hardly any difference between 40 Dex and 99 Dex. Its not worth it =O

The exceptions are Vitality, which softcaps at 50...and Endurance which stops giving stamina at 40, but continues to increase your max equipment load.

For PvE, try out;
- Silver Knight Spear
- Partizan (You can swing it with R2 faster than the silver knight spear!)
- Great Scythe
- Estoc, if you like Rapiers.
- Falchion
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User Info: Perfect_flame

4 years ago#7
Thanks for the tips guys. What armour should I be going for and what weight % for movement speed?

User Info: Perfect_flame

4 years ago#8
Bump :-)
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