What do you imagine when you think "Dark souls"?

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User Info: masterbarf

4 years ago#21
how amazing part 2 is going to be, and its unexpectedly far off release date.

User Info: SolidKnight

4 years ago#22
Cuddly puppies.

User Info: I_hate_cocoa

4 years ago#23

User Info: phantomMirage

4 years ago#24
The music from the character creation screen and the thought of the master key that locks more of the game out...

User Info: ZenonDMA

4 years ago#25
mugenmonkey calculator
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User Info: DuneMan

4 years ago#26
valkod23 posted...
This is the first thing that always enters my head whenever I think 'Dark Souls': http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12KzmiG4JEg

It's just so catchy and funny and in Dark Souls, that's saying something.

My ears! Is that supposed to be Robo Ornstein's theme? For those unaware, I'm referring to Robo Ky from Guilty Gear, who has a twisted theme.

I tend to think of this video:

And, because I saw it in the related videos list, this one is always worth a watch too:
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User Info: BiggieSmoughs

4 years ago#27
The crystal golem for some reason

User Info: Yoozay

4 years ago#28
BiggieSmoughs posted...
The crystal golem for some reason

Lmao! This is by far the most random haha
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User Info: Zemurys

4 years ago#29
That red Drake, always spewing fire on that bridge, as if to say, "None shall pass!"
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