So I wanna dual wield...

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User Info: joeharamatheo

3 years ago#11
Reference_Meme posted...
Offhand Estoc and a main hand Balder Side Sword!

Did that on my Chakan (old Sega game) cosplay.

iirc, chakan had like 6 or 7 dual-weapons he could equip. i don't remember their properties, but i do remember he had hammers, scythes, and pickaxes besides the straight swords

User Info: Instaslam

3 years ago#12
Thanks for all the help! She is now ready to deal out justice to those who are drenched in guilt.

The guilty must pay the price.
MH I.D.: Albireo; 3DS: 0430-8421-0489
(.Hack Reference)
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