We need a game over mode

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User Info: Kafkaf

4 years ago#11
spikes_dimak posted...
Kafkaf posted...
Some people do hardcore runs, look them up

There's this guy on twitch, miltrivid. He does by far the most hardcore runs. He's eu or far eastern, I am not sure but he's incredible. And there's lobos who does some pretty silly stuff.

He's actually from Chile, which is surprisingly the same timezone as the east coast
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User Info: eclipse_exe

4 years ago#12
Lighter_Thief posted...
You only live once, no saves, basically arcade style

no for one very specific reason.. seath.. it would become near impossible to actually beat the game because of him. ( or at the very least create an unwinnable scenario if rings of sacrifice become extra lifes)

that being said.. the no safes thing alone makes this truly impossible, the games at least 10+ hours if you try to do everything.( which is what game maker tend to.. well.. intend. whats the point of making something if noones ever going to even see it?) plus speedrunners already pretty much do this, only time they ever do save and reloads is when they need to in order to reset something ( usually crystal lizards or more importantly failed duke skips)
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User Info: JollyCoop

4 years ago#13
I like watching Milt, but he only finished the game once without dying LOL. But he gets every item!!! Think avelyn, all lizards in great hollow and he doesn't farm do artificial shortcuts or quit reload to avoid danger. Pretty cool to watch on twitch.
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User Info: GaMEQB11

4 years ago#14
A "die permanently when hollow" would be challenging, yet doable.
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