Best weapon in the game?

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User Info: cruzateu

3 years ago#11
Sunlight_knight posted...
C'mon Crestfallen GS and pendant are way better!

they scale S with res

i thought crestfallen was better, but afro just made the crestfallen warrior SUICIDE.


User Info: SolKarellen

3 years ago#12
Astora's Straight Sword.
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User Info: Sunlight_knight

3 years ago#13
GreenKnight127 posted...
I'm not gunna lie.

I even realize it's a total noob answer.

But dat Claymore is amazing, yo.

+15, +10 fire +10 lightning....whatever you wanna do with's always beautiful.

I love it's range. I love the R2 thrust. It's just a damn good weapon for anyone who likes swords.

Zweihander feels slow and heavy to me.

Everyone creams their pants over the Balder Side Sword for some weird reason.

The strength weapons are super strong (Like Great Dragon sword)...but also require a specific build just to wield them effectively...and they are so heavy...I wouldn't rely on them for PVP.

But yeah, Claymore was always my favorite.

fixed =D

any weapon down the raw path SUCK
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