how hard is the game unpatched?

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User Info: Auraslight

3 years ago#31
Ninja_Gaignun posted...
My entire build

Vit: 15
Att: 8
End: 40
Str: 14
Dex: 40
Res: 11
Int: 9
Fai: 9

Iaito +15
Parry Dagger
Thief Hood
Dingy Robe
Witch Gloves
Cleric Leggins

Now, what exactly would become harder if I were to patch the game?
I would be getting less aggressive enemies, more items, more souls, lower leveling requirements and a more powerful weapon.

But what's going to make it harder?

Why don't you make it harder like you do on your unpatched builds ? There's no big difference between unpatched and patched in term of difficulty to brag about .
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User Info: Dbz4lyfe

3 years ago#32
I've noticed that unpatched enemies deal more damage. Like unpatched Anor Londo enemies take off 1/4 of your life off an attack even with 380ish defense, then going patched makes the damage near miniscule until NG+

User Info: X-PICU-X

3 years ago#33
Ninja_Gaignun posted...
scaryice posted...
Unpatched is definitely harder on a first playthrough. Newcomers to Dark Souls (and PC players) have it much easier than everyone did back at launch.

The patched players seem to take for granted just how much easier the game is now.

I hope the only patch for Dark Souls II increases the enemy count.

if FROM doesnt make it so that enemies deal more dmg from the start (kinda harder) then yes make more enemies so it be more harder to pass through it & every time one dies, change the enemie layout so it wont be the same every time you play its more fun & challenging that way
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