How many matches have you had in the arena?

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User Info: dthomas125

4 years ago#1
I've only fought 3 or 4 1v1's when the DLC first came out. The wait times were so long that I never tried again.
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User Info: Sheepy14

4 years ago#2
Around 5. I did 2v2 one day in Fight Club.
PSN: SheepyTheQuester

User Info: pyromancerzodd

4 years ago#3
i had a bunch back when it first came out for consoles. never had a team battle or free for all though :C

User Info: BombayNugz

4 years ago#4
Won 20 in a row then some dude ran for 3 minutes and i never came back.
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User Info: R1masher

4 years ago#5
Probably ten times total, only went there when it first came out... Darkhanded the last nine after the match.
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User Info: cronotis

4 years ago#7
A few 1 v 1s the first day the DLC came out. Wait times plus the kill streak scoring kept me away after that. Never had an arena 2 v 2.
PSN: Cronotis

User Info: Miyasakiii

4 years ago#8
Not sure, 10 max. But sucks you could heal, still. Deathmatch was very funny I remember, a mess but funny.

User Info: CHAON105

4 years ago#9
Over 100 4 sure. Do a lot of set up 1v1's and 2v2's with friends and in fc's. Actually a lot of fun with people u know(random matches can be hornet backstap country)
psn- CHAON101 - 106

User Info: spikes_dimak

4 years ago#10
Lots very fun with 3 friends.
PSN: spikespiegels and spikes_the_dude
Still playing dork souls jolly co-op, 2v2s, dueling, random invasions and casting sometimes
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