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Crossbreed Priscilla's Mother - a surprising theory!

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User Info: Ryan_SilverFox

3 years ago#1
Hey, guys!

So most of us have had heard about Crossbreed Priscilla - the half-human, half-dragon girl who was ostracized from Lordran and took refuge in the Painted World of Aramais. We've also heard how (at least in theory), her parents were Seath the Scaleless and Gwyn's daughter Princess Gwynevere...

...but what if that was not the case? What if Gwynevere was not actually Priscilla's daughter? Could there be someone equally likely... possibly even moreso? While I was thinking about the game, some rather interesting facts began popping into my head, leading to a conclusion that might be the real truth of Crossbreed Priscilla's lineage... namely her mother... but who, if not Gwynevere?

...could it be, in fact, Quelaan, the "fair lady" of Izalith?

Let's start with the physical facts... other than the fact that Quelaan has the lower body of a spider (the result of a curse brought on by her mother by accident), she is a a woman with a relatively average body type and white hair. Gwynevere, on the other hand, has a more voluptuous figure (Insert "Amazing Chest Ahead" joke here) with brown hair. Now, which of these two descriptions can also be used when talking about Crossbreed Priscilla? Of course, Seath the Scaleless is white and could also explain Priscilla's hair being the same... but seeing as Priscilla more resembles a human than a dragon, it makes more sense that most of Priscilla's appearance takes after her mother... and Priscilla looks NOTHING like Gwynevere... but she does look a bit like Quelaan, doesn't she?

But what about the spider part? Well, that's simple enough to explain... she wasn't born that way... and, if she is Priscilla's mother, she likely gave birth to Priscilla BEFORE she was cursed. It could also explain why Quelaan was not able to handle the curse like Quelaag did and why she is enfeebled, unable to sustain herself. Quelaan could have possibly been weakened by the childbirth (many women back in medieval days did not survive childbirth... especially more slender women like her). Her weakened form may have had an adverse reaction when she was cursed, which caused her to be debilitated. It's even possible that Priscilla's running away also gave Quelaan psychological damage, further keeping her from interacting with anyone other than her sister.

Other than her followers, Quelaan is essentially an outcast as well. Only the denizens of Izalith and the odd passer-by who pities her even care of her existence. Sure, Gwynevere left the world (only to have an illusion of herself remaining), but before that, did it seem like she was treated poorly for birthing what is essentially an abomination? Seemed like she lived quite luxuriously with a loyal family and guards to protect her. It would seem that Quelaan, like Priscilla, is in hiding... perhaps for the same "sin"?

Now, if we ignore all I mentioned above... there's still some rather interesting facts that come up that further point to my theory being more than just that... and to do so, let's follow Priscilla herself into the Painted World of Aramais...

...but I still have a little bit to talk about, so... well... I'll continue this below.

User Info: Ryan_SilverFox

3 years ago#2
...okay, and we're back... and now, let's enter the Painted World of Aramais to see further evidence that Priscilla's mother may be Quelaan, not Gwynevere.

Now that we're in the Painted World, what "lives" here? Crow Harpies... a knight of Berenike (like Iron Tarkus), a Zombie Dragon, some Bonewheels, a Phalanx, some normal hollowed undead (wielding torches... hm...), but most importantly, infected hollows and most interesting of all, King Jeremiah... a pyromancer. Are there any Black or Silver Knights of Lordran? No. Any Chanellers (followers of Seath) or crystaline enemies? No. But there are a lot of enemies carrying fire... infected by some large growth (that also can use basic pyromancy) and a full-blown pyromancer. Why would Jeramiah be so far away from Izalith? What about the infected hollows?

A little while ago, a user theorized that Jeremiah's head covering was to possibly cover a massive growth caused by being egg-burdened (as many people who wish to study pyromancy must enter Quelaan's covenant need to show their loyalty by becoming egg-burdened). And notice that Jeremiah doesn't just know normal pyromancy... he uses CHAOS pyromancy, which can only be taught by one of of the daughters of Izalith. Coincidence?

The user also theorized that the infections on the flame hollows were possibly later stages of the egg-burdened infection, which makes sense, as the egg sacs on the egg-burdened in Lost Izalith (and you if you become one) tend to appear around the head, shoulders and back of the host (where the large growths are on the infected hollows). They even have the ability to throw fire... they know some form of pyromancy! Could they be from Izalith as well?

Think about this for a moment... Priscilla fled to Aramais to escape persecution for being a half-breed abomination... Seath was absorbed in his immortality experiments (and may have already been insane from them at this point), so he may not have even noticed her leaving. But do you really expect a mother to completely abandon her daughter if she could? If Gwynevere was Priscilla's mother, that exactly what she did. She didn't even send anyone to follow her. But a pyromancer and a series of infected (and possibly egg-burdened) hollows are in the Painted World, FAR away from Izalith... could they have been sent after Priscilla by her mother to find and look after her precious daughter where the enfeebled "fair lady" could not? Could all of the hollows (and maybe even the great knight) also have been sent as an envoy to protect Priscilla under orders of Quelaan, and attack you to protect their master's daughter? Maybe Priscilla was telling the truth about Aramais being a "peaceful" place... but the denizens of the Painted World were only acting under orders unknown to the crossbred daughter by a worried mother.

When we put the pieces together, it does make a lot of sense, doesn't it?

Tell me what you think.

User Info: ReahThorolund

3 years ago#3
Well I like it. It comes together nicely at the end. What was the reason people thought it was Gwynevere again?
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User Info: Misterion

3 years ago#4
Most likely because both are giants.

User Info: bor45

3 years ago#5
Well, she is enfeebled and weak because of the Blight Pus (this is explained in the game) - But you do raise some nice questions about the whole deal. Thanks for sharing =)!
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User Info: aneed4peed

3 years ago#6
a knock, a thud, a tiny...zwoosh, where?
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User Info: Dagnoth

3 years ago#7
Not too bad.

Next time though, you should explain that your I.Q is super high.
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User Info: Ryan_SilverFox

3 years ago#8
@Misterion: Indeed... but maybe she wasn't always that big. Perhaps her dragon side caused her to grow larger than normal.

@bor45: Very true... but even so... she also ignores you when you try to speak with her... and only really talks to Quelaag... and maybe Einygi... maybe depressed because she lost a daughter or shy because of her being ostracized herself for birthing the abomination?

@aneed4speed: I think it's mainly because her attacks are ice-based... but hey, whatever =p

User Info: bor45

3 years ago#9
Yeah, it's the Blightpus. I think you might be taking that angle a bit too far, since it's one of the very few things in the game that is explained. I mean, you can see the blight pus eggs all around her, and she even says so herself (The eggs going still).

Probably only talks to Queelag because she can feel great comfort around her sisters (Eingyi says so), and she can feel her presence through the magic of the ring (Maybe even smell?). I mean, would you really want to speak to random people when super sick?
Also, she doesn't really sound depressed, she sounds accepting of her fate. In fact, she says that she's truly happy.

Another thing: The Pyromancy spells found in The Painted World does not originate from the Great Swamp (says so in the descriptions) - But at the same time, you CAN find an Egg Vermifuge in one of the corpses (Meaning that the mutation from the undeads might actually come from the same blight pus). But yeah, who knows if the eggs can only be found in the swamp.

Xanthous might be the source of all of this, but all that we know of him is that he's "The Legendary Exile". He does have the chaos pyromancy though...

Pyromancy in general is considered "unsavoury", and the Painted World was made to put away things that were undesirable/not meant for the normal world - So that could be another explanation for finding anything pyromancy-related inside the painting.
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User Info: Misterion

3 years ago#10
I agree that she might be large because of being a dragon-human crossbreed but size in Lordran is somewhat of a mystery , you probably saw Ornestein growing twice his size in seconds and know that Gwynevere is larger than her brother and father.
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