I started a themed SL1 "Ghost" run

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User Info: Raumien

3 years ago#1
I've been doing a SL1 run themed around the Jagged Ghost Blade.

It's a melee only, no blocking, 100% solo, no cheese run.

Right now I'm using a +5 Jagged Ghost Blade, Grass Crest Shield, FAP & Hornet rings, Thief's Mask, Shadow Armor & Legs, Gloves of the Vanquisher. I switch to DWGR on bosses I can't parry or backstab, and I might go red tearstone on 4 kings. I use Ring of Fog when I invade, just because it goes with the theme.

I had to restart because my first try I didn't get the blade to drop with my starting 2 Transient Curses.

Next run I planned it better, eating the 4 hard humanities I had to increase my drop rate, and stocking up on Firebombs with the souls from Asylum Demon to make farming more efficient.

By the time the blade dropped I had built up 6 Transient Curses and 10k souls, so I put those towards the Crest of Artorias and took out Sif & Moonlight earlier than I normally do.

You can trade with the Crow for 3 twinkling titanite, and get 4 off the crystal lizard in Darkroot Basin by Grass crest shield, and the one before Taurus Demon. So you can have it to +4 for over 200 damage one handed before you fight any bosses in Lordran.

I'm currently getting stomped by ceaseless discharge, here's a recap of all the bosses so far in the order I did them. I felt so OP for the first few with my +4 JGB, even at SL1.

- Asylum Demon. Cake.
- Gargoyles. Fastest I've ever beaten them, had the tail chopped and #1 down well before the second hopped down.
- Taurus Demon. One plunge took 1/2 his HP, dodge rolled 1 attack then R1 spammed two handed attacks and he was dead.
- Moonlight Butterfly. Time consuming but easy. Just ran back and forth, dodge rolling homing attacks, then spammed two handed R1's when it landed.
- Sif. First try! I was surprised, normally Sif kills me once or twice on a normal SL character. I realized my mistake all this time, I always watched Sif instead of his sword. This time I focused on his sword, and watching that its so much easier to predict dodge roll timing.
- Capra. First time beating him hitch-free on a SL1 run, often get cornered by the dogs and killed once or twice.
- Gaping Dragon. First death of the run, he managed to one hit KO me with a tail swipe. Paid better attention to his attacks next time and took him down no prob.
- Quelaag. First try! Often I find myself getting KO'd by her area of effect blast thing on SL1 runs, so that was nice. Even goofed and got caught up in the lava once but she didn't capitalize on my mistake.
- Iron Golem. Died my first try. Normally I fight through Sens but I decided to run through it speed runner style. When I fought Golem the first time I 100% forgot that there would be fireballs raining down since I didn't kill the giant. So I go cheesed by those, then went back in and knocked Golem off the narrow bridge part for an easy victory.

-Ornstein & Smough. Dear f***ing lord I hit a brick wall here. I was up to 5 to 5.5 hours play time when I got here, was pushing 8 when I beat them. Jagged Ghost Blade has no f***ing reach haha. I felt like such a champ when I finally beat them, like I had reached a new level of Dark Souls mastery. One run I took out Smough and died to Super Ornstein. Winning run I took Ornstein out with 1 estus left, then killed Super Smough without him landing a hit. Hands were shaking with excitement when I took out Ornstein because I knew Smough didn't have s*** on me.

It's been a blast so far. O&S really tested my skill as a gamer, that was by far the toughest boss battle I've ever been through, bar none. Really looking forward to Artorias and the rest of the DLC bosses.

Ceaseless is a b**** though. Tough figuring out exactly where he's going to smash and making sure he doesn't one shot me.

User Info: Da Dood

Da Dood
3 years ago#2
Sounds like a pretty cool run. Do post how you fought the Four Kings later!
And this time!

User Info: Gixen

3 years ago#3
Sounds fun, might actually try it out.
Nito will probably be hell wirhout blocking AND not being able to kill the skeletons.
PSN: Gixen99 ---- Gixen_Almighty

User Info: Raumien

3 years ago#4
Gixen posted...
Sounds fun, might actually try it out.
Nito will probably be hell wirhout blocking AND not being able to kill the skeletons.

I'm kind of pumped for it. Certain bosses are trivial given certain tactics, e.g. Gwyn & parries. Doing these runs lets you appreciate the boss designs more. For example I never knew Gaping Dragon even had a grab move until I did SL1 runs, because I always killed him so quick with full SL characters.

Nito is usually a push-over but this run will be different :)

User Info: JollyCoop

3 years ago#5
Nito was my worst nightmare beyond somewhere around ng+5 sl5. Those skelletons are the real boss!!
PSN: JollyCoop, UnJollyCoop (NG+7 only)
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