Capra demon was suppose to be hard?

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User Info: chefbobby203

4 weeks ago#11
Can he also be pooped from there?

User Info: jesustime

3 weeks ago#12
I one shot him with a plunging attack, BKH +5
I don't even know why I go to this place anymore.
magikid posted...
Yeah, there's really not much variation in full INT sorcery playthroughs. You get Soul Arrow, work your way up to Crystal Soul Spear, then Dark Bead at the end if you feel like it. It's super satisfying to do it once, but your development is just a straight line with no branches.

It's even more fun if you grab the pyro flame just for Power Within.
The Legend is True!

User Info: Zethras

6 days ago#14
SectionX2 posted...
Why do people go melee?

Because magic is for casuals. Git Gud.
Vereor Nox
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