This or Jimmys Vendetta

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User Info: abobobee

6 years ago#1
Gamertag: Abobobee

User Info: MesserschmittKR

6 years ago#2
Joe's Adventures, 100%. I love this game so I bought both and have been playing both. I just beat Jimmy's Vendetta and just started Joe's Adventures and Joe's Adventures is much much better. More cinematics, more space, more cars, etc. It's also cleaner and feels a little bit more polished than Jimmy's Vendetta.

Just look at the size. Jimmy's Vendetta is something like 342MB where Joe's Adventures is 1.3GB so you're getting quite a bit more.

Hope this helps.

User Info: BrianLetrick

6 years ago#3
I am hoping that they come out with another DLC with a different player, Like Henry Tamasino, after you take him to El Greco with him bleeding, he doent come back till several missions later and just shows up at your door step. They could use Eddie Scarpa, Derek Pappalardo to see how they killed Vito's dad, Brian O'Neill with the Irish mob. I guess the Add-ons could be Endless. Just my opinion.
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