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User Info: clippers1624

6 years ago#1
I gotta be honest, I loved mafia 2 and the first one way back in the day so I was looking forward to extending the game. I was was completely disappointed. The main missions are good but all the little side missions are ridiculous. The time is way to short, you have to drive a across the map to get to an adjective and then drive back. There is way too much traffic, it seems like downtown Boston during 5pm rush hour. Its almost impossible not to hit other cars because you have to drive fast to finish the mission. If you fail a mission, you have to start from the beginning.

The Jacked Jumper achievement I got by jumping down 2 flights of stairs and rolling over. Glitch?

The AI seems to have a variable scope on a tommy gun, they can hit you from a mile away.

I was so frustrated with the game, I stopped playing it.

Anyone agree with me?
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