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User Info: MinunSS

4 years ago#1
- Too cheap to pay the mechanic to fix your car? Park it in your garage at your safehouse. It automatically fixes them for free.

- You can get you car washed for 3 cents at any gas station. The car wash is usually off to the side, you might mistake it for a garage if you don't look closely.

- Too cheap to pay the whopping 3 cents for a car wash? If there's no damage on your car, stop by a body shop. The car will be cleaned before you have a chance to buy anything, then just leave without buying anything.

- Level 2 (sport handling) and level 3 (supercharger) tuning aren't available until you complete the first mission.

- Don't bring your favourite car to a mission. There's a good chance it will become wanted, and it's always a pain making it to the body shop to swap the plates without getting into a long chase.

- Since missions are scored (in part) by how long it takes to complete them, bring a fast car. There's a pretty good chance that any given mission will involve some driving.


- The first mission is the only winter in this DLC, so if you want to have fun in the snow, do it then. Also, a number of cars are only available during this mission, so if you're a car nut like me, get them and save them in your garage. This mission isn't timed during the part before you first approach the gas station, during that part between catching Stan and following the detectives, or during the part AFTER killing the informant. You can re-play it later if you missed any.

- The '38 Shubert Taxi can be used in the mission "In The Shadows". It's completely unique at that point - all taxis on the road are Quiksilver Windsors.

- The roadblock in the "Supermarket" mission may glitch and cause havoc in the mission "Bet On That". Unfortunately, if seems like replaying "Supermarket" is the only way to get rid of it. I've tried pushing the cop cars out of the way with a truck, and blowing them up, then saving - neither attempt worked.

- The car driven by the Bookie in "Bet On That" is unique, and the fastest car in the game by far. There's no other way to get it, aside from stealing it at the mission after killing everyone.
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User Info: Chisoka

4 years ago#2
Thanks for those. I've just started the game add-ons after finishing the main game. Halfway through Betrayal of Jimmy at the moment.
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