JUN KAZAMA real-time rendering tests

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User Info: MissTFayed

6 years ago#1
1) http://p.twipple.jp/ad3HU
2) http://p.twipple.jp/uNXLZ
3) http://p.twipple.jp/YJ6MW

User Info: Spoofer

6 years ago#2

To listen to while browsing the (3) pics. ^_^;;
Because... because I've got spikes.
Because I go between the zones, even when I'm not supposed to.

User Info: Gamergirl22c

6 years ago#3
She looks so beautiful. can't wait to play as her.

User Info: JuliafanAM

6 years ago#4
Looks a lot 'softer' than she did in the trailer. I guess the darker look was due to using an older model.

User Info: omenator

6 years ago#5

Jun looks so beautiful. Like Cherry Blossoms dancing in in the wind.

User Info: dmtyuan67

6 years ago#6
Her fighting stance looks cooler than Asuka's.

User Info: Solid Sonic

Solid Sonic
6 years ago#7

From: Gamergirl22c | #003
She looks so beautiful. can't wait to play as her.

Yeeeeah...but then she gets punched in the face.

User Info: Sirdeebo

6 years ago#8
Jun looks really pretty, I always thought she did even in the original tekken tag

User Info: AzumaNaroon

6 years ago#9
Looks way better than Askrub Kazama.
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User Info: Yulwei

6 years ago#10
She looks alright but those saying she looks better than Asuka are clearly just haters as they look practically identical with Asuka have slightly softer face

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