Any server runners here, don't use MCAdmin!

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User Info: metagross111

6 years ago#1
MCAdmin is a server mod that used to be quite popular in managing whitelists, permissions, etc.

However, an intentional backdoor was left in that give the devs admin powers on any server they visit, as well as bypassing whitelists. If you ban them, they ban you from ANY server using their mod, including your own. This was discovered when one of the devs abused the 'feature' and used the mod to do exactly what I just said up there.

Here's the disclaimer they wrote IN RESPONSE

MCAdmin's Disclaimer

1. The Developers of this software will not harm you, your server or your computer in any way.
2. The Software 'MCAdmin' will not harm you, your server and/or your computer in any way.
2. MCAdmin Developers will not sell/release your information(IP) to anyone, what-so-ever. This excludes allowing your server to send information to the Global Server List.
3. MCAdmin contains what is called "Developers Mode", this Developers mode is only enabled after you have given your consent or it has been stated otherwise you require assistance. This "Developer's Mode" can only be enabled by the Official Developers of MCAdmin. This Developer's Mode enables the Developer to enter Developer's Mode, after enabling Developer's Mode it will show up on your server chat and logs [MCAdmin] User entered developer mode! This will enable you to see when a Developer has used Developer's Mode.
4. The Developers have permission to Disable your server's connection for whatever reason they see fit. This is not necessarily an issue. If your server has been disabled it is most likely because you have broken one of the rules stated here. If your server has been disabled, please contact
5. MCAdmin.exe or any other files that are included with the download will not change any system/hardware or any other computer related settings without your permission. MCAdmin does however have permission to block your connection to so it cannot connect to it. This is a rare case though.
6. The MCAdmin Developers will never ask for your information in Minecraft, Minecraft Forums and any where else. If someone 'claims' to be an MCAdmin Developer or Coder, report them immediately

MCAdmin's Terms and Conditions

1. By using MCAdmin, you are to respect the Developers of the Software. (If a Developer has done wrong, then you are all by means, free to ban them, though reasons such as "Not Speaking Proper English" are not valid reasons)
2. By using MCAdmin, you will not exploit bugs. If you encounter a bug, please report them at
3. By using MCAdmin's Global Ban List, you give permission for MCAdmin's Global Ban List to be an addition to your bans. This is an optional feature and can be turned off in Master Config.
4. By using MCAdmin, you should know the Developers of MCAdmin and know they will never harm you, your server and/or computer in any way.
5. By downloading MCAdmin, you agree you will not de-compile the software. If you do happen to 'de-compile' it to view the code, do not edit or reupload this code.
5. The Disclaimer and these Terms and Conditions may change at any time for any reason.

If you do not agree or break the above

Simply do not run MCAdmin. If you choose not to follow the rules while running MCAdmin, your application 'MCAdmin.exe' will have it's connection blocked from
For all other inquires or anything not listed here

If the Information, Rules, Terms and Conditions are not listed here or you have an inquiry please contact

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User Info: Gastroid

6 years ago#2
Their terms are pretty sound. Most of it is just for plagiarism and exploiting their coding for your benefit. Nothing unseen in the PC gaming world; you mess up our stuff, we mess up your stuff. As far as the devs going crazy in servers, that, too, is normal.

And it doesn't really seem like a backdoor situation. Just the devs knowing their coding and using it to make sure idiots aren't abusing their work, and if you interfere with them, they give you the option to have a disabled server or a server not running their mod. Pretty simple. They even mention that they can only gain full control via Developer Mode with consent.

I'm quite alright with these terms. They are just protecting themselves and their easily-stolen property.
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User Info: metagross111

6 years ago#3
The TOS isn't the problem. The problem is that the mod has a damning security flaw and that this flaw was exploited by the devs to hijack other people's servers.

The TOS was simply made to excuse themselves even because it didn't exist when the mod was released nor when the backdoor was discovered.

Heck no. I absolutely despise good decks. --- soccerprodi

User Info: Taxidermy

6 years ago#4
I enjoyed the thread where someone posted their one-on-one conversation with the Dev, and his first reaction wasn't apologetic, or even trying to explain or defend the backdoor in the code;

His first reaction was to remark that everyone was attacking him for being a furry.

So, ToS, intent, or past actions aside, the Dev tried to make it personal internet forum drama llama.

For that reason alone, I'm not going to be installing his mods. I don't trust someone with those kind of personal insecurities that bring them center stage when developing add-ons for a video game.
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User Info: putnamehere3145

6 years ago#5

From: Taxidermy | #004
I enjoyed the thread where someone posted their one-on-one conversation with the Dev,
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