What's the easiest way to get a ton of feathers?

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  3. What's the easiest way to get a ton of feathers?

User Info: ImOutOfNames

6 years ago#1
Killing chickens over and over takes far too long. Is there a better way?

User Info: KnighterFighter

6 years ago#2
Use InvEdit or similar tool.
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User Info: gejsiv

6 years ago#3
Mob trap that drowns/burns/cactusinates a ton of zombies, as they drop feathers.

Also has the benefit of farming arrows from skeletons.
-gejsiv- :/
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User Info: Mac13eth

6 years ago#4
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User Info: reaver894

6 years ago#5
In single player or SMP?

If its SMP get someone with OP to give you em
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User Info: ImOutOfNames

6 years ago#6
Single player. What's the best mob trap that still works today? I was going to make this


But the comments say it doesn't work anymore.

User Info: Oni_Tatsujin

6 years ago#7
Animals spawn on grass in bright light. Find a rather flat area, build a fence around it, then plant torches everywhere inside so it's very bright at night. Wait through a night within 40 blocks of the farm, come out at daybreak, and kill all the animals inside.
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User Info: N3cris

6 years ago#8
Does anyone read changes? -_- ^ that was fixed in the recent update.

User Info: Eclipse008

6 years ago#9
My favorite way is to gear up and go monster hunting at night. Just try not to use your bow a tonne, as I assume you want the feathers for arrows.
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  3. What's the easiest way to get a ton of feathers?

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