What is Button 3/Pick Block under controls?

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  3. What is Button 3/Pick Block under controls?

User Info: Onomatopoeia444

5 years ago#1
I've probably used it before, just wondering.
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User Info: platpus5reterns

5 years ago#2
scroll wheel

User Info: Linkzoid

5 years ago#3
Let me elaborate on the 2nd post. It's true that the scroll wheel allows you to cycle through your hot bar, but the "Pick Block" control is when you click the mouse wheel in. It will change your currently equipped item to the block that you are looking at in the world. For example, if you have some dirt or cobblestone equipped on your hot bar and you look at some placed dirt or cobblestone in front of you and middle click, you will switch to using the type of block that you looked at. This is helpful if you are building structures that use up many different types of block.
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  3. What is Button 3/Pick Block under controls?

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