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User Info: FuGoNaToR

5 years ago#1
WorldCraft Cracked

Factions Jobs Heroes 24/7 DynMap RPG ; Story Chess


WorldCraft is a MultiWorld minecraft server.
We have 3 worlds where each world feels very different than the other.

Each world has its own playing type:

*World 1 is for Building, you can get protection for your blocks for free here! Griefing isnt allowed here!
*World 2 is a Faction based world, this is a pvp world with tnt and NO rules!
*World 3 is a Vanilla/classic world with no plugins and you just have to survive with only 1 home!

The server has a great community and there are always players online. So you never have to feel alone.
We use a lot of plugins but no plugin changes the minecraft feel.

One of the great additions in our PvP world is the plugin Heroes. Heroes has a cool leveling based system with 26 classes. Each class has its own skills and abilities like Fireball, Megabolt, Backstab, Arrowstorm, Telekenesis, FalconPunch and much more!
They are balanced very good and are always updated to make it fair for everyone!

The community is great and there is always someone who can help you.
The server exists for more than 1 year now. It started very small on a persons home computer. And grown out to a server hosted on a GREAT hosting service!

When you first start on the server. You begin in a Story that will lead you thru the first things you need to learn!
After that you have the Quests and Jobs to keep you busy!

You can also travel on a Dragon across the world which is very cool and something you have to try out.

The pvp world is a Faction based world. This is where u begin when u first enter this server!

The server has 50 slots at the moment! But will increase offcourse if it is needed!

Server Information:

Server IP:

Stuff you might want to know:

The server is on 24/7
Dungeons with lots of loot!
Pure Vanilla World
NO whitelist
We don't spawn items.
PvP = Allowed
Jobs to earn money
Warps and Homes are allowed in the Build world.
Shops and Economy money
50+ Plugins!

Spleef Arena
PvP Arena
Mob Arena

Worldmap Live!

YouTubeChannel: Website:

User Info: hawk540

5 years ago#2
I've been on this server from near the beginning (joined from gamefaqs) and I have to say it's the best one I've ever encountered. I have now worked my way up the ranks and am an Admin now.

As the add says this is a cool 24 hour server and all of the mods and admins are very helpful.

Give it a try, the server can hold up to 50 people so you should be able to get in ;).
XBL Tag = hawk540

User Info: jirachifan1

5 years ago#3
i just started its alot of fun to play on so bump for a great server

User Info: The_Only_Human

5 years ago#4
A real hostile server...I joined and asked how to do a command and everyone on the server immediately said I was an idiot who has no penis...Real good community...
Gamertag: xxsavagedeathxx

User Info: hawk540

5 years ago#5
^ Really? Sorry to hear that but most people usually tend to help.
What was the command you were trying to do?
XBL Tag = hawk540

User Info: Binba442

5 years ago#6
You mean? Pirated Cracked?
Notch would be ashamed.
Come at me moderators!

User Info: DistinctkilleR

5 years ago#7
Great server so far...highly recommend!!
We know God is not a woman, because otherwise we'd all be sandwiches.
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