How can I play Offline?

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User Info: Justforvisit

5 years ago#1

Bought the full version now and I have a question about it:

Is there no other way than to be indeed offline?
Because whenever I'm Online on the web Minecraft asks me for my LogIn and I can't skip it. Or am I missing something here?

User Info: Ddh8228

5 years ago#2
You always have to enter your login username and password. If you aren't connected to the internet, and after you have successfully logged in, it will give you the play offline option.

User Info: Justforvisit

5 years ago#3

Ah okay. Kinda stupid, hope they'll add an Offline Mode even when you're online. When you can access it anyway, it should be available always :(

User Info: Marbiaach

5 years ago#4
Why wouldn't you want to play Online? The only real difference is that you can play multiplayer while being online, otherwise it is basically the same thing.
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User Info: Nintendude128

5 years ago#5
You could disconnect your computer for a minute, log in->offline and reconnect if you really want to, but you'll be stuck with the default skin.
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User Info: MegumiChan

5 years ago#6
Uhh.. Minecraft launches for me anyways as long as I have the files.

Any nickname. No password. Whatever. Play Offline. It works.

User Info: TStodden

5 years ago#7
Note: This contains more information than requested... Just check the last 2 paragraphs for the relevant info.

To play the game offline, you need to download the client ( -- Windows only) & run that. It'll download all the game's core files onto the computer you play it on.

If the computer you want to play on doesn't have internet access, you have to take alternative methods... Pretty much grab a USB thumbdrive (recommended minimum size of 0.5 GB's) & install "Minecraft portable" on it.

See (current test version) or (Outdated version). This download only downloads the client & reroutes the data to your USB thumbdrive instead of the computer's HDD.

Just Run Minecraft Portable & login to download all the core game files.

On the computer you want to play one (w/o internet access), go to %appdata% (punch it in the start menu search bar... If you're on XP, go to Start -> Run. This will take you to a special spot in Windows ) & on your USB thumbdrive, go to USB:\PortableApps\MinecraftPortable\Data . Just copy the complete ".minecraft" folder into %appdata%

Just drop a copy of the client onto your desktop (or preferred location) & run it. You can leave the login prompt empty (as the computer won't reach it, being offline) when you hit login. You'll get an error that it can't connect to, so just hit "Play Offline" to launch the game.

It requires a bit of DIY work, but that's how you can play the game offline. Please be aware that when playing offline, you'll be using the default player skin (Steve) & will be known as "Player".

Hope this helps!
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