For some reason there is now only 1 villager left in my village...

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  3. For some reason there is now only 1 villager left in my village...

User Info: 11117Elements

5 years ago#1
Is the village dead?

I'm not even sure what happened. Not playing on hard mode so the doors won't break, and haven't if they could. The other villagers just disappeared.

Can they repopulate from the 1 left over by chance?

User Info: PlatinumShadow7

5 years ago#2
Can you repopulate yourself, with just yourself?
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User Info: MurcielagoNoble

5 years ago#3
Did you lock them in? I've noticed that their pathfinding AI isn't exactly perfect. more than once I've seen a villager outside a house jumping at the wall, like he's trying to fit inside the window. So... If they're allowed to roam free, then there's a good chance zombies picked them off one by while they were walking into walls at night like idiots.

Or is it in a desert? They still seem to ignore cactus and walk right into it.....

User Info: The_Bean

5 years ago#4
I have had this happen several times. The village would be supposedly secure, golems walking around and a huge population. I'll leave for awhile and all gone but the one guy.

It's sketchy so it could possibly be a glitch.
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User Info: tomma101

5 years ago#5
h e r o b r i n e
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User Info: TuxedoCyan

5 years ago#6
My village is open to attacks and not very well lit and doesn't have a fence/wall preventing mobs out and keeping the villagers in, and I never had any problem with them getting killed off or disappearing. I think it's cool letting the villagers run around freely and not confining them in the town with fences. Although my village has like 60 or so doors on about 10-15 buildings each varying in size. They also spawn several iron golems to protect themselves, and they do a good job doing so.

Of course I am on Normal. On hard mode, I'd probably have trouble keeping the village alive without lighting the whole place up at least.

As for the TC, you either need to get new villagers from another village to start the process over again, or just move on. Also, try making your villages bigger so that they populate more and don't die out so quickly.
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User Info: Melanchthon

5 years ago#7
Even if the zombies can't break down doors, the will still be attracted to them. The villagers, being completely brainless, are perfectly content to open their doors at sunrise no matter what might be standing outside. So the zombies walk up to the doors at night, the villagers open the doors in the morning and end up getting slaughtered.
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User Info: Kazagin_

5 years ago#8
Your best bet would be to make a zombie-proof playpen for your villagers until they learn that zombies are bad.

Just surround the village with a 2-block high wall with simple iron door entrances. Be sure to use buttons, as pressure plates can be used by zombies and you may forget about a lever.
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User Info: benjaminkc

5 years ago#9
If there are any caves or ravines nearby, your villagers might have gotten lost in there. If you dig them a staircase back to the town center they'll find their way back up.

If not, your only options to repopulate are to use mods/invedit to get a spawn egg, or build a minecart track to import villagers from another village elsewhere.

User Info: 11117Elements

5 years ago#10
Oh Invedit is a wonder.

And now the village has a HUGE wall around it. I am happy.
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